June 9, 2009

our favorite big blankets

I love handmade blankets.

John brought a special gift home for Twain when school ended. It was a blanket that one of his students gave him. Her mother Stacie had sewn it just for our Tweetle Beetle.

It has quickly become our favorite big blanket for Twain to play on.

The ducks are embroidered. The fabrics all coordinate to absolute perfection. 

Apparently she went to my favorite fabric shop to pick out the fabrics. She has some amazing sewing skills!

Twain especially loves to sleep on the cozy orange polk-a-dot minkee on back.

It even has his name embroidered on it.

Yes, we love this blanket.

I cannot believe she went out of her way to make this beautiful blanket for someone she has never even met. Thank you so much Stacie! It will be treasured.

Twain got another handmade blanket that is also very special. John's cousin Annie crotcheted it.

I squealed when I saw the colors. It matches the rest of my house!

So, you can find this blanket on my couch, nestled amongst my pillows--I know, I know, this blanket is for Twain...not for me, but I cannot help myself:)

And I'm not the only one who steals this blanket. Occasionally Calvin smuggles it onto his bed. We all love it. John's Grandma taught Annie how to crochet, and so in a way, this blanket is from his grandma as well. It is very special to us. I really wish I knew how to crochet. I should try to learn again. When I was a kid, I tried to crochet, and all of my scarves came out ridiculously twisted:(

Lessons, anyone??


  1. I so love the duck blanket and think that is just so sweet of that woman. She must think very highly of your husband as a teacher to make such a thing for his wife, that is just wonderful! And so much detail and time was put into it ... precious!

  2. What an adorable blanket!!! And the ducks were all EMBROIDERED?!?! WOW! Talent!!

    And I don't blame you one bit for decorating with that other blanket...it's PERFECT! And it's not like you STOLE it...Twain can still use it whenever he wants. You're just storing it for him! ;)

  3. amazing and lovely blankets!! so sweet of those dear people, and I don't think they could have found a more appreciative recipient.

    oh yah, and your baby is pretty cute there too :)

  4. How SWEET was it of her to make that for your precious little Twain?! I love it!! And um, if I had that crocheted blanket in my house I wouldve claimed it for my own too, LOVE LOVE the colors, I want one! lol!
    And as always Twain is STILL one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, i'm in love!

  5. I'm dying over that duck duck goose blanket, so adorable!

    He's so beautiful Davi!

  6. OHHHHHH.Thanks so much Suzanne for begging Stacie to make the gorgeous blanket. Seriously, she is ridiculously talented. I cannot even imagine that she would think I would not want a big beautiful handmade blanket. My quilting skills PALE in comparison to hers. I could just sit and admire the seams for hours.

  7. You are too cute! We keep Stacie very busy with referrals for handmade items for ladies who don't sew or need something they aren't able to do. She can literally do anything. Seriously. She gets invited to baby showers for people she doesn't even know - people will do practically anything to get one of her precious blankets! lol

  8. ee! I love them all...so nice of them!

  9. I have twisted crochet disorder as well. However, I think it adds a nice touch. :)

    Your boys are beautiful! Congrats on your new little one.

  10. That duck blanket is so cute. It fits your little tweetle so well. ;) And as for crocheting.. I don't know how but my husband does. Yep.. he was a big hippie. ha. I am sure he would teach you if you want.

  11. That duck blanket is so precious!Hope you all have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  12. Seriously though... much as I hate to admit to jealousy... you know WAY too many talented people!! Those blankets are so stinkin' cute, I can barely stand it. And your mama shower... those invitations! And all the wonderful homemade gifts! I am green. LOL. So so so cute. And the baby... he's pretty adorable too. ;) Total keeper.