June 21, 2009


In the twinkling of an eye, Ollie is 2. My baby is TWO!

He sleeps in til 9:30. Bless his heart. This is his mother's son.
greets me with a huge smile,
and says "I"(meaning Hi).

We say hi or "I", about 5 times back and forth to each other, before we start the day.
He gets so excited to eat, he simultaneously laughs and cries when I prepare his meals.

I can scarcely get any chores done because I'd rather tackle him every time he walks by. Or smother him and hold him on my lap. And play with him on the floor.
He's not teething anymore, so this stormy, temperamental child has been replaced by a sweetheart that melts my heart day after day with his sparkly set of pearly whites.
Basketball, baseball and soccer are his passions...making him quite the quintessential boy,

but he's got some quirks too--sometimes he will sit outside in his wagon or stroller for hours holding a stick.
He walks around saying "ldldldldldldldl". And when we ask him to say a word, like "nose" he says "noseldldldldldldl".

He has a voice inflection at the end of his words. Like banana.
"nah-NUH" (the nuh part of the word goes up 2 octaves).

He's fascinated by brother Twain. He always tries to help by putting the binky in Twain's eye. He somehow knows that this is going to be his special buddy.

He's my special buddy too and I can't wait til 9:30am to say "I" once again.


  1. what a post. the words and the selection of photos - joy!

  2. He is so precious - Happy Birthday Ollie!

  3. Precious, precious, boy! I love Ollie so much! Happy birthday, dear one!

  4. yeah for Ollie! Happy birthday buddy! Can't wait to celebrate with you! hugs!

  5. Happy Birthday Ollie!!! He's getting so big...it's funny how I just "know" him through pictures, but he really looks like a different kid these days! He looks like a big boy, not a baby anymore!!

    Oh and that sleeping till 9:30am thing...I would have to have like a GUARANTEE on that if I were to ever have a baby or I just don't think I'd survive! :)

  6. aww! happy birthday ollie! such a sweet boy!

  7. My word that boy is too cute! Happy birthday Ollie! Love you so much!

  8. Happy Birthday Ollie!

    And this: "He gets so excited to eat, he simultaneously laughs and cries when I prepare his meals."

    Is sooo my Bean. Hahaha!

  9. he is adorable...who wouldn't want to squish and kiss him all day...forget the dishes!

  10. YEAH FOR 2 YEAR OLDS!!!! Happy Birthday little man....

  11. He is sooooo sweet!!! 2 is always a big birthday to me, I dont know why but its hits me hard?
    Sweet little Ollie, I hope you have a happy happy day!!

  12. Sweet sweet Ollie....those brown eyes are just so innocent! Can't wait to celebrate with you! Great pics Davi!

  13. Was his bday actually on the 21st? My little guy turned 2 yesterday! Happy bday to your little one. :)

  14. Rach-His birthday was actually the 18th....we're a bit slow in these parts:)

    happy birthday to your little dude!

  15. HHHAAAPPPYY Birthday Ollie! Such a handsome boy. The mouth,when closed,and chin look so much like Finn's-- at least in my opinion. You like those late spring/ summer babies. :)

  16. I just saw these and thought of you...and the wall decals KILL ME!


  17. oy vey..these too

    and for you...this

  18. You guys make the most beautiful babies! He's adorable. Your photos are amazing. Loved this post!

  19. i MIGHT have posted a small tidbit about mascara on my new Fults' blog. just a hint, davi. :)

  20. Oh, your Ollie is so cute and handsome with those big brown eyes!!! He's a heart-melter. :)
    Happy birthday to your little boy! I hope you had a sweet day together.

  21. Sweet, sweet children you have...

    And if you ever need a babysitter...well, perhaps if we lived a bit closer...

    I would send you pesto too!

  22. What a dear and precious little boy you have! How on earth do you get him to sleep till 9:30 every morning? I can only dream of such a thing. Happy Birthday to Ollie!

  23. It was so fun having him in the nursery. He's such a cute little guy!