May 5, 2008

1st trip to dentist

Ever since Finn was a little tyke, I've dreaded the thought of taking him to the dentist. When they invented the word finicky, I'm pretty sure they had Finn in mind. He 's just very particular, especially when it comes to his teeth. He brushes them for all of 5 seconds and then announces that he's done. So, I usually end up grabbing his brush to help, while he squirms and fusses and complains that I'm hurting him. So that is why I put off his first trip to the dentist for so long. You are supposed to take them when they are 3, and Finn is almost 5. Which made me feel even worse, like they were going to yell at me. Maybe if I took Calvin too, they could average their ages and I would be off the hook?? So I finally made appointments for them, and I felt a little apprehensive.

We got ready and were running ever so slightly late. I rushed over there and dragged the 3 boys up to the second floor, hoping they would still take us(my last visit I was very late and they almost did not take me). I opened the door to the office and it was completely empty. No dentist office what-so-ever. As I'm looking around in despair, the nicest little man told me the office had moved across the street. He was a mail carrier and said he would be happy to escort us there. As I dragged everyone across the street, with Ollie on my hip and Finn and Calvin in each hand, my diaper bag fell on Calvin's head. The mail carrier said "here you go Calvin" and helped him back to his feet. Up, up a flight of stairs he took us til we got to the right place. I think he was an angel.

The receptionist handed me a clipboard with papers to fill out. I sat down, and Ollie kept grabbing my pen and WOULD NOT LET ME FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK. I told the receptionist that I simply could not do it and would she please excuse me. "No" she said, but offered to hold Ollie instead. I gladly accepted her help.

I'm scribbling in the blanks and the boys are running wild. We were a 3 ring circus. People kept saying "you have your hands full"(meaning, your kids are out of control lady!). Since the office was fairly empty, the dentist came out to say hi to the boys, with a mask around his face. Finn told me that the dentist had a "skunkel" on his face. When I asked what a "skunkel" was, he told me it was so the dentist would not have to smell a skunk or bad breath."

They called us into the room and Finn went first.

"We are going to count your teeth Finn".

As Finn is clutching the arms of the gray chair, I am holding my breath. And I did something I normally don't do--I kept my mouth shut. I did not warn them of Finn's tooth weirdness(why must I always explain everything?). I figured they would probably figure it out for themselves. The dentist said Finn had 10 on top and 10 on bottom. Finn said " that makes 20". I felt a sigh of relief. If Finn could make conversation, he must not be too traumatized. They said his teeth looked great and that he did not have any "cavity-bugs". And then they gave him a cleaning. A real cleaning with that pink waxy stuff and the electric toothbrush. And he did great! It was amazing. Finn did not give them one ounce of trouble.

Calvin was next and also did well. No cavity-bugs for him either.

The day started rocky, but ended great. They gave all 3 boys a new toothbrush, which they were very excited to show-off.


  1. Wow! Your boys did great. I'm still a little nervous about going to the fact, i need to make an appointment...yuck!

    Putting me to shame...

    I am still incredibly nervous about taking Eli. YES ,YES we still haven't gone either. I just figured, they are baby teeth so why rush it. I have no idea if that's wrong, but i am sticking with it for right now. When i do make his appt, that might have to be a Eli and daddy trip....


    But good for you!

  3. What a relief for ya! I wish my dentist trips were as smooth. Man, Ollie is so big! It might just be the picture, but he looks as tall as Calvin!

  4. YAYYY for Finny! And for the new toothbrushes! Ollie's holding it like it's a drumstick! They are so cute!!!!

    We were pretty late taking Tacy, too. She had a very detailed, totally imaginary story about her trip to the dentist, and I happily went along with it, especially around my on-the-ball friends, lol!

  5. Don't feel bad, Makenna is going for the first time tomorrow and she is six! I'm glad you had a good experieince, it takes away some of my anxiety.

  6. Wow...I am impressed with Ollie. Gracie would never let a lady at the dentist office hold her. (and yes...she would have been grabbing my pen too.)

    I better tell my sister to take Ethan to the dentist. He is 3!!!

  7. Ollie looks so big in this picture! You're such a brave mommy!

  8. Good job boys! Going to the dentist is icky, but yeah for no "cavity bugs!" :)

  9. aw, I just love that the man helped you so sweetly! He sounds lovely.

    Sounds like your first trip to the dentist was QUITE the adventure! Kudos to you for holding it together and making it through.
    love the boys with their new toothbrushes! :)
    by the way, don't feel like a neglectful mama-- Emma is 4, and neither of my girls have been yet! Oops...

  10. i like the part about the mailman delivering you guys to the proper office. im glad it turned out so well!

  11. I'm so proud of your boys! and of you! and gosh, all three, you really should have left ollie with me!