May 17, 2008

dancing under the moon

I got a phone call from Ellie the other night.

"Um, Can I borrow you for around 20 minutes or so?"

Sure Ellie, no problem.

She needed some help with her dance moves.

Actually she was doing a job that required photos of our local park at night, and she needed me as her bodyguard.

It's a good thing Ellie wasn't getting paid by the hour because we spent so much time trying to perfect our YMCA moves. The couple star gazing on the grass(you can see them if you squint) probably thought we were loco. Ellie often brings out the goof in me. She's so sweet and caring I know she will still love me even if I am super ridiculous.


  1. I AM SO SAD I DIDN'T ANSWER MY PHONE THAT NIGHT. these pics are HILARIOUS and so fun.

    love you two to death.

  2. cool pictures! What a fun thing to do.