May 30, 2008

one of the boys

Ollie has really given himself a promotion that past couple of days. Ever since John let him take a bath with his brothers, Ollie thinks he's one of the boys. I have never seen Ollie so happy to be a part of things. He was clapping and laughing the whole time.
The other day I caught them all jumping and squealing on Calvin's little toddler bed. Finn said he helped pull Ollie up there. There is no picture of this event because I immediately pulled Ollie to safety with strict instructions that this could not happen again.

When we went outside to go play, Ollie jumped right into the sandbox alongside his brothers.

And here is my big shot mowing the lawn with Calvin later on that day.

When I picked them all up from John's parent's house last night, I found them all sitting in little chairs eating snacks at the little table. Ollie looked incredibly pleased with the situation. And how cute are these gymboree chairs?? Wish I had a couple of these here at home!

Somehow when I have them all lined up, they seem more manageable. Even if just for a few moments of peace when they watch a movie.


  1. how lovely and funny is ollie! and he, indeed, looks so so pleased to be part of the gang and do the things the bigger boys do!! i'm so happy for him! :)
    and boy, are your boys handsome!

  2. He's so cute! It looks like he's about to make the "switch-over" that John talks about! Poor Davi, are you ready for that?

  3. I love Ollie in the tub.He thinks he's hot stuff. What a threesome these boys make.

  4. Jess, it would appear that he is starting the switch-over, but he's such a mama's boy, that I don't know what to think! He seems to want me 24/7 still!

  5. how sweet that he is so into his big brothers! Oh, it's going to be fun to see all the things they do together as they grow. It couldn't be more perfect that you ended up with three little boys.

  6. Your boys are just too cute! Can you believe Ollie is almost one? If I remember correctly he is a week or so after Braden (Braden is 1 on Sunday). I can't believe how fast they turn into boys!!