May 3, 2008

ollie's tag

hi, it's ollie blogging here and my new friend little major tagged me with a MEME. i'm not sure what a MEME stands for, but my mommy thinks maybe cuz it's all about ME, ME??? i'm supposed to tell you 10 things about myself.

  • i like to drum. i want to be just like my big brothers finny and calvin. mommy always finds me in finn's drum corner. sometimes I'm stuck under the floor tom or get tangled in the hi-hat stand. i will grab a drum stick every chance I get.

  • when i crawl around on the floor, i often have a drum stick in each hand. one time i escaped outside onto the back patio and daddy could hear me from his bedroom, going clickety-clack with my drum sticks on the pavers.
  • when i'm kind of fussy and whiny i like to howl at the end of my cry. mommy thinks i sound like a baby coyote. sometimes when mommy takes me shopping at joanns or michaels, i like to howl down the aisles as she pushes my cart. mommy thinks that it's funny and that I sound very cute.
  • i also like to play with colorful little drumsticks all the time, but for some reason mommy always takes these away from me. it makes me very sad. howwwwww.
  • i eat lots of finger foods now. i can eat little pieces of bread, meat and cheese and i really like mac'n'cheese. the best part is my neat view from the high chair. i get to look at my brothers.
  • when mommy used to ask me to say "mama" i would always look at her and say "dadda" instead. but now i can say "mmm...ama" too and it makes her very happy.
  • i like to escape out the back door. if it's open, then i crawl outside and head over to my favorite wall or the sandbox.
  • and when i am playing outside my very favorite toy is a tennis ball. my brothers like to play with daddy's volleyball or beat things with sticks, but i am just happy with my tennis ball.
  • but most of all, i love my two older brothers. i am happy whenever they are with me and i am sad when they are not.
    and now i tag elijah and aubrey.


  1. Oh, I love it! Thanks for playing, Ollie!

  2. So cute! I can't wait for him and Sam and all their pals to make their own band...

    Um. Your boys could totally be Hanson. When they get older, can they please do a re-make of "mmmm bop!" :)

  3. Ollie, you're getting so big and smart! I'm glad you're saying Mama now and I can't believe you're already typing! I like to escape outside too, but I usually go through the doggie door.

    Thanks for the tag. I'll think about my answers and I'll be doing it later on today!!