May 9, 2008


In my college days my research advisor would always harp on me to be a better multi-tasker. I would just stare at him blankly and go about my merry business, doing one thing at a time. My brain felt at peace. No mind clutter that comes from juggling too many responsibilities.

Of course all that changed when I had kids. As a mom, multi-tasking is pretty much your job description. You're cooking an egg and get goop on the reach for a paper towel, which has run go to the utility room to fetch more towels and you remember the laundry from the day before...and on and on it goes, till your egg is completely over-cooked.

Have you ever read the children's book series "If you give a mouse a cookie"? For the mouse, one thing leads to another. My SIL Kristen read me a funny spin-off called "if you give a mom a cup of coffee", which pretty much reads like my list above. I laughed as she read it, because it was so true. So me. I once read that you need to stop the madness of multi-tasking for at least a portion of the day, so your brain can rest. I totally agree, but find it easier said than done. And when I woke up this morning and read Yahoo news, it headlined a story on how Americans cram 31 hours of activity into a 24 hour day. Why do we do this?

Because there is always something to be done. I feel like I'm piddling my time doing chores all day when I could be giving my boys more of a meaningful life. I realize there is a balance though. I find it very difficult to find a happy medium for some reason. My house can spiral downwards FAST and so I try to keep on top of the mess.

Lately I'm trying to take the boys out and do more interesting things with them while they are awake--If we stay at home with nothing to do, I'm tempted to sneak in as many chores as possible while they are playing. While I'm distracted, someone always ends up crying or fighting. I need to be on top of their attitudes.

So when Barbie organized an outing to the animal museum(like a zoo), we went. Being fun and taking kids out is hard work though!! When we got to the back end of the park, Finn had to go potty and there is only one restroom at the entrance. Taking kids potty is the bain of my existence right now. And my boys were like vultures, starving for snacks the whole time. So I fed them a great majority of the time. And Calvin fell off the lunch bench and hit his head. But all the trouble is worth it. The boys had a blast, beating their sticks on the ground and in the water.

my little Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer dolls.

I know this isn't the greatest picture of Ollie, but it made me laugh--the sign says no howling at the coyotes, so I had to give Ollie a stern lecture not to howl--he is still on a howling kick these days:)
A bunch of us girls, like bumps on a log. This area reminded me of Wagon Train at Hume. It was so fun hanging out and chatting with these wonderful moms. So not only did the boys have a blast, I had a great time too.
And look how happy we all look in this picture. I imagine that as the days pass, I'll forget about all the potty trips and just remember the good times. And the boys have been so appreciative of my efforts to have more fun. Finn walks around saying things like "you're being so nice to us mommy". And just the other day, Calvin said "your hair looks so cute mommy". A compliment on my hair??? That is a rarity in a house full of boys. I think they are just full of goodwill towards me right now.

So let's see how well I can keep this up. When my boys are awake, I am going to try to focus on them as much as possible rather than multi-tasking my days away. This does not mean I'm going out to do something fun every day--No sir. I love our potty here at home. But I will try to keep my mind focused on what's really important.


  1. Yah, I'm trying to find time to get all my chores done...but I'm not very successful. Your outing looks like fun!

  2. Well I'm just blown away at the selflessness of it all. I mean one way or another- chores or fun, it comes down to service to others, for the most part. I am impressed and hope you are richly, richly blessed for every bit if service and sacrifice, day in and day out.

  3. oh boy Megan--please don't think of me as completely selfless--I failed to mention the parts where I try to sneak in a blog or a sewing project too. oh yes there are times i have my own agenda--hoping to change those things while they are awake though:)

  4. this is beautiful. i love that youre taking them out to do such fun things. i think im being extra emotional cos for some reason reading about them complimenting you made my eyes tear up. that is just so sweet.
    how do you feel about story time at the public library? once a month at b&n they do a pajama party where you come in pjs and they read a story, do a craft, and give a snack for free. its very cute.

  5. ...isnt it If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?

  6. Davi-I wish I could have gone too. Take the boys and me next time!

  7. You were right Gretl!!I was mixing "If you give a Moose a Muffin" with "If you give a Mouse a Cookie". I do things like that often--I'm always mixing up sayings:) Just ask John.

    and pj time at the library sounds fun. do you get to wear your pj's too??? i think we should both go with pink rollers in our hair!

  8. your life sounds like very much fun and you yourself sound like very much fun! i'm really glad i got to know you and your little family at least in this bloggy far from real way

    have a good day

  9. oh Davi! This is something I've been struggling with lately, a LOT actually. So it was great to read this-- what a good example and encouragement this was to me.

    And I love that you are already getting your reward from your sweet boys. May there be many more to follow for the sweet mommy things you do. :)

  10. the boys are so cute, as usual! I love the one with the sticks. so you have a zoo in town? i did not know that! looks like a great day.

    oh, and the "raising godly tomato's" website talks a lot about keeping your children nearby. it's so much easier to see where their hearts are at when you are with them, and you can nip problems in the bud before they become major character issues.

  11. I'm so glad you posted about this because I think we all struggle with this. Sometimes with all the "stuff" to do around us, it's hard to choose to just spend time with the who really matters. When I have my nephew too, that's why we always try to take a walk or go to the park. It makes everyone's day go much smoother :)

    P.S. I'm also glad you posted pictures of our fun outing. I really wanted to, but I've been slacking :)

  12. Yes, such a good challenge. One I'm trying to learn now instead of later, but those darn chores about the house. I just get so sick of seeing piles of dishes and dusty tables.
    Oh well, those can always be clean and will perpetually be dirty, but my son won't be this age forever.

    I love you Davi. And I had so much fun watching your boys enjoy their sticks and nature walk about the park. Can't wait till the farm day in a couple weeks!