May 14, 2008

mother's day

This post is a bit late. Ollie is back to his old antics--following me around the house crying. If I step out of view for 2 seconds, his world falls apart and he cries so hard he can barely breath. The culprit? Tooth # 6 + separation anxiety. As a result I'm not getting much done these days.

The highlight of this Mother's Day was a visit from my parents and Lindsay this weekend. It's always so much fun when they are here. Dad gets the boys riled up roaring like MGM Lions and my mom can get them pretty wild too. Dad and John spent most of the time working out in the backyard(more on that next post).

I woke up to a fun package in the mail sunday(we forgot the mail saturday). One of my dearest friends "Miss A" surprised me with a DARLING apron and adorable card for Mother's Day.

I was so overwhelmed by her sweetness. That is my first apron ever. It's so cute I wished I could wear it to church--Thanks so much Miss A!!

While at church Calvin made the cutest card for me in his class. He was so enamored by the kitty with bandaid, I did not have the heart to take it from him.
After church we met up with John's folks at Burger King. You heard me! Burger King. John's mom thought it would be fun for the kids to play on the playground. How sweet and unfussy is she!

Later on we gave both of our moms garden stones with little drums carved in(thanks for idea bloggers Lorie and Things We Say). Happy Mother's Day to my mom and John's mom Betty. Thanks so much taking care of us. We love you so much.

*Calvin was napping when we took this picture*

And for me? John and the boys got me a card with a "donation". I'm getting closer....
To Finn, Calvin and Ollie: I love you so much more that I can say and am so honored to be your mom. It's the best job in the whole wide world. I could not ask for sweeter little boys.


  1. Wow...VERY similar mother's day posts :) Which reminds me, I need to go call Allyson RIGHT NOW!

  2. Sounds like a great day!!! I love the garden stone! And yay for camera money-did you make a graph to chart your progress? I'm sure Finny would be a great help, lol!

  3. that really is an adorable apron. And I'm so glad you had a happy mother's day, dear! you and your three sweet boys are amazing. :)