May 24, 2008

Calvin's drum set

Long story, but a few weeks ago we had to exchange Finn's drum set for a new one because the first one came without a 10" tom--it was easier for the company to send a whole new set, then to find a replacement tom. So our entry room graced yet another delivery from the brown truck.
Ever since Finn's latest delivery, Calvin has been waiting for his turn. He must think they give out drum sets like they are candy or something. Calvin really thinks he is getting a drum set soon. The last few days he commented sadly, but hopefully, "my drum set did not come today". Super sad, I know.

So Finn took matters into his own hands and informed Calvin that his drum set was coming. While Calvin was napping, Finn disassembled all of Calvin's make-shift drum pieces and loaded them into cardboard boxes. He then placed them in our entry way, as is standard protocol.
When Calvin woke up from his nap, Finn told Calvin that his drum set arrived. He ushered him into the front room and showed him the boxes. Calvin looked happy enough.

As they unloaded the contents of the boxes, the boys got wild and started doing the happy dance.

Finn set out with utmost determination to make Calvin the most pristine drum set ever. He even made a stage for it with my brown throw, which really gave it some extra oomph. Finn spared no detail. The yellow vertical push toy in front is a microphone w/stand for recording(just like Tommy's);the black guitar stand is a "boom stand" for tilting the cymbal; the cymbal even has a wing-nut taped onto it, to keep it secure:
This drum set has an actual bass drum pedal, compliments of Gretchen. Finn positions it to hit Calvin's little bass drum just right.

This set is Finn's tidiest attempt yet, if you ask me.


  1. I am so impressed by your boys. Not only because they're incredibly talented, but because they love eachother so much. How sweet that Calvin looks up to Finn so much and the Finn is so caring that he would take the time to box up Calvin's "drum set". Honestly, after watching that little glimpse of them putting it together when I was there for lunch that day, I'm so impressed by their imagination skills and creativity.

    Such sweet brothers.

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through Emily, and I LOVE it! Your boys are too adorable. I have three boys, too, and they're also working on their musical talents. They just dragged the drumset my mother gave them over to our house this week so they could have band practice more often. My ears are still thumping. My middle's saving for his electric guitar. Anyhow, enough about me. :)

  3. Davi, Dad and I laughed and laughed. I even had tears in my eyes. Maybe Calvin will end up with one someday. Was he perfectly happy with it? We loved the wing nut.

  4. How crazy creative are your boys?? LOVE it!!

  5. I LOVE it. What a sweet brother finn is. I too am constantly amazed at their creativity.

    and you know, talia gives piano lessons...=)

  6. Your boys are simply adorable.

    Seriously Davi, my heart was always set on having a girl, but after watching your three boys have so much fun together, I'm vying to add two more boys to our family. I mean, look how much fun you are always having! You are seriously blessed. And those boys are so lucky to have such a cool, and uber patient, mom! :)

  7. how sweet is Finn?? I love that he did that for Calvin. Aw, it makes me heart melt. And once again, I am quite impressed by his drum-kit-making skills. Wow. It is a tidy effort indeed!

    hehe, thanks for the shout-out, Lorie. :) It's true, Davi... just let me know if you are ever interested! I would just love that.