May 1, 2008

chaos suits me

When John and I first moved into this home, it seemed so...empty at first. Within a few months of moving in, I was pregnant with Finn and people would always ask me "Are you ready for all the noise and chaos a baby brings?" I would immediately answer "YES, I can't wait!". I've always wanted a noisy happy home. Last thursday, there was a bunch of kids over here, and it was properly noisy and chaotic, just how I like it. At one point, some kids were throwing plastic blocks into the potty!! LOL!
To kick off this little festival, my friend Carrie brought over some homemade cookies AND some fun Smith's cookies. By the end of the day we scarfed most of them.
Calvin eyeing James' cookie--don't worry he had his fair share too! Calvin and James are just one week apart.

Here is Carrie with her adorable daughter Charleigh. Carrie is such a fun girl. When I first met her, she had pink in her hair. Now she has some beautiful blue and purple. Too bad you can't see it in this picture.

Don't be fooled by these two cuties--they were as thick and thieves!
Zach was able to join us after preschool...
We had lots of fun playing outside, but in the end it always ends up the same. Little people coming back inside to play the drums.
When James first arrived, he went straight for the cars. Coco(his mama) commented how James didn't seem the least bit interested in the drums. However, it wasn't long before James was pounding with the best of them. Coco practically had to pry him off when it was time to go! I think maybe James has some drumming in his blood from his talented Uncle Mark, who plays for our church. It would be awesome if my boys ever played in church like him when they grow up!!

It's a good thing chaos suits me, because it can get pretty wild when you have multiple drummer boys. I have to say I am really grateful for the influence Tommy Igoe has on Finn's playing. Tommy says "don't beat the drums like you hate them!" I sometimes hear Finn saying this to Calvin, who has has not learned the art of soft drumming yet:)


  1. Josh has the same shirt that Calvin has. I love them! They were on clearance at Target just recently too!

  2. haha it's really a good thing it suits you :) it's so funny that finn tends to extend tommy's lessons on calvin :) so lovely.

  3. I love the photo journalism of the afternoon! You captured it in such a peaceful way! James has been talking about drums ever since. I think he may be following in Uncle Markie's footsteps...

  4. Right after I read this lovely blog o' yours, I happened to read this on another blog I visit:

    I thought of you! It so perfectly goes with what you were saying, and it's so sweet. Enjoy. :)