May 26, 2008


Here is my new line of summer tees for Ollie.

They are rough applique/embroidered tees . You should see the stack of lap tees I have piled up waiting to be stitched. I kind of went a little overboard dyeing them different colors. Every time I went to the store another color dye hopped into my basket. When I was in college my boss and I would argue endlessly over the color pallete of the tutorial we were working on. He wanted bright bold primary colors and I wanted dull muted colors--I just wanted our molecules to look a little more fashionable. Though I did not quite get my way in college, I was sort of able to get my own color scheme going here.

The bird on the yellow tee is my version of Mike's xanga bird(thanks so much Mike for letting me borrow your bird!!).

I tried to do Mike's bird justice, but it looks like I turned his lovely feathers into leaves. There were many problems with these tees as I was making them. In fact, practically every single applique almost got trashed halfway through, due to some problem or another. For example, when ironing my Popeye tee, part of the white Gerber label melted and smeared white paint across my Popeye words--I almost threw it away but instead tore the words off and put a bigger word patch over it. I also hid the mangled Gerber tag by placing my own "davi" tag over it:)

Other problems? My VW logo looked like a pretzel according to John. And the list of offenses could go on and on, but I kept reminding myself that these are handmade. My new motto became "work it out". So I kept going despite these imperfections. Each tee taught me a little something new--next time I make one, I can apply what I learned. This project certainly kept me busy during the boys' sleep times. I could not figure out why everything was taking me so long. Then my father-in-law said "however long it would normally take you to do a project, multiply that by the number of kids you have". Makes sense to me.

I also made Ollie a new summer blanky. How could I resist the lovable scoundrel Popeye? He was one my favorite cartoons growing up!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures and borrowed a friend's camera for the job. I also tried to get a few shots of Ollie in his new clothes but that was not so easy. He kept turning his back to me, so I only got a few shots of his face. Clothes are certainly a lot more cooperative.

Did I mention Ollie turning his back on me? Seriously, he would rather crawl away and eat dirt and rocks then give me a little smile. There is NO modeling career in this kid's future.

All-in-all I had a lot of fun with my imaginary business:)
*disclaimer--licensed characters like Popeye, Felix and Aquaman, and logos like VW require a special license to sell them. I may get licensed in the future.


  1. Ok. I'm speechless. Seriously. I feel like I just happened upon one of the cutest baby boutique's websites I've ever seen. Little boy stuff CAN be cute!

  2. WOW! Davi, honestly you are SOOO talented and these are adorable!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! NO WONDER YOU HAVEN'T CALLED ME EVERYDAY! You're so busy! And I LOVE your clothes line!=)

    I love them all so much, I don't know if I could pick a favorite!

    Seriously, I feel so special that Henry has a "Davi" original knowing how much love and work and thought you put into each creation. They truly are works of art babe.

    love you

  4. you're great.very expressive!!!

    hah, i thought felix the cat was Scratchy the cat from the Itchy and Scratchy in the Simpsons..made me smile.

  5. Totally impressed.. not impressed that you created these - but impressed cause i can't.....

    I love it when you make things and post them.

    So..... defiantly see you on the 20th if that still works for you guys.... ;)

  6. WOW!! These are just too cute and precious for words. Really. Your creativity and talent just blows me away. If I have another baby, I'm so paying you to make the child some clothes. :)
    Seriously, would you give classes? These are the sorts of projects I see in my mind's eye, but can never make happen. I know you can't teach your talent so I doubt it could ever compare, but at least I would have the know-how to give it my best.
    great pictures, by the way.
    adorable, adorable, adorable (the clohtes, Ollie, and you!)

  7. Somebody needs an Etsy shop right away!!

  8. These are SERIOUSLY amazing. I would much rather pay you than some ridiculous on-line store! Your work is amazing!!!! Please! Get licensed SOON! Or we may just have to do a little under-the-counter dealings!!! SO DARLING!

  9. Super cute Davi. By the way, Ryan is looking with me and saying, "Hi, Oh-yee!"

  10. Seriously, Davi? Seriously? You are just too much and these are just too amazing.

  11. Wow great job...we must know these crafty secrets!!-Misha

  12. These are so sweet! We go on a little hike and you give us kudos, but you are truly the cutest! You are an inspiration to us all! And Ollie is such a babe.

  13. i want to buy that shirt and blanket!!!! do you sell them? my nephew just had surgery a couple of days ago and it would be nice to have something great for him as a gift.

  14. p.s. i think we live by each other. i was reading some of your blogs and i saw rosemary's and i think the ming ave. michaels. small world with mommy blogs.

  15. Those shirts are amazing D! Love them- particularly that the popeye one has an anchor on the sleeve. So cute! Your skills are amazing! Is there a banjo shirt coming any time soon? :)

  16. There is no child in my foreseeable future, but can I go ahead and put in my order now for 2 of each of these ADORABLE shirts?


    So talented, it's disgusting...

  17. So cute! Can you make me some surfer dude ones? I would definitely pay you for them! I know, you have so much free time on your hands. LOL! :)

  18. Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile now, but I've never said hi. Those shirts (and the blanket) are amazing!

    I was wondering what the dimensions of the blanket are.

  19. Geese Davi! Do you think you could get a few more people to comment on your blog, or receive a nicer comment or a bigger hint that you should start your own business. It's like I'm all of a sudden friends with a famous person. I love my famous Davi... you are so cute, and so is Ollie wearing your AMAZING artwork!

  20. Wow, I absolutely love the colors you chose. Good for you for not giving up on those adorable patches! Very inspiring. I've got a big box of dye in my closet, just hoping it will get to come out some day! LOL.

  21. Thank you all so much for being so kind!
    thistlepeg--your itchy and scratchy comment made me laugh:)
    Kiley--the 20th sounds great still.
    Talia--we need to meet up, eh?
    Bobbi and Liz--thanks for poppin in! So nice to meet ya'll. Bobbi, email me at and we can discuss things. Liz, each square was 8x8, but bigger and smaller also work great.
    Lin and Jayme--banjos and surf stuff? we'll see!

    Love to you all:)

  22. hello =) I emailed you a few days ago. I'm not sure if maybe it went into your junk mail by mistake or something? If you can't find it, here is my email:

    thanks so much~

  23. Ok, Davi.
    As much as I like your shirts, I must say that I agree with "your boss" when it comes to molecules :-)
    These are great, though! I didn't know you were so creative!

  24. I love the VW shirt! I ♥ Volkswagens! You are so talented, I love reading your blog just to look at your pics. and your creations! How do you do it?! Amazing! :)