May 21, 2008

little bit-o-piano

When we ask people where to start with Finn's drumming, the answer always comes back the same: learn piano. Whatever is learned on piano, such as reading music, can be applied to other instruments. I don't know many drummers who are interested in the piano and Finn is kind of young for lessons, but we do have 2 pianos(one from each of our grandmas).

John printed letters and taped them under the corresponding piano keys.
This piano even has a handy door that can hide these letters.
We are not doing much more than teaching the boys chop-sticks and "hey look, it's the middle c!" I don't know if anything will ever come of it, but the boys are learning a little here and there, even if they don't realize it. I don't want them to burn out on something that's forced on them. When I took lessons, my mom never forced me to practice. I played when I was in the mood, which was usually an hour before lessons:) I really love the piano and would be thrilled if one day they wanted to play. I don't practice as much as I should--as Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice says "I play very ill indeed".

Finn playing chop-sticks

notice Tommy in the background

I think the boys are enjoying the piano in little pint-sized doses. I would love it if piano was a natural part of their life--like learning to tie their shoes.


  1. I've heard that before too! And I'm impressed that you know how to play and have not one, but TWO pianos. I am also LOVING that valance in the background!

  2. I love that! I swear Ellie, someday they are going to be Hanson and make you lots and lots of money! :)
    I can't wait for Sammy to play the piano. Mark has a piano... we just have nowhere to keep it! It is "on loan" at Sara's house right now... he likes to regularly remind me that it is his though, and someday it is coming to our house weather we have room for it or not! :)

  3. aaaaa-i love your pianos!! can't wait to play mine soon..

  4. how fun! I love the letters taped to the piano-- that's a great idea. I also love your old pianos. It's so neat that you have two, because if and when your boys do learn to play, they can bust out some mad duets! I think it's so neat that they are starting to learn-- your boys seem to have such musical leanings, I am always impressed. And it is great to learn about your piano-playing too-- even if you think it not very good. :)

    wonderful pictures!

  5. I am barbs best friend in nyc, anyhow she got me into this blogging world...just wanted to say your kids are so gorgeous!! What a sweet family you have! I don't have my own yet but its nice to read other moms thoughts!

  6. I need to quick get Ella some lessons on that "on loan" piano!

    Love the "Pride and Prejudice" line!

  7. i just realized i called u ellie in my last comment on here... oops. serves me right for being on blogger so late on a school night... I was apparently so exhausted I have no clue what is going on :)

  8. I like that you called Davi me, what a complement :) I hope I have some boys that are half as talented one day!

  9. oh contrair moonfrair! I'm the one who's honored to be called Ellie, even if during your delirium Christie!

    Megan-thanks for the valence compliment:)

    Talia-I thought of you when I wrote this post. thanks for your kind words.

    Misha-any friend of Barbie is a friend of mine!

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