December 29, 2007


And worth every penny to redeem myself as a mother.
Calvin's precious ornament, swarming with kitties.
Yes, I drove back to get Calvin his "kitties" ornament. Can you at least understand why I initially reacted so violently toward this ornament? It is now loved and enjoyed by all!


  1. is is hilarious davi!
    i laughed out loud when i saw it. i do understand why you reacted that way but i think it will be so great when calvins new wife spends her first christmas with you guys and she sees this!

  2.'ll have to put one of those adorable pictures of the boys with their kitties in it.

    I do understand your opposition to it originally, but I'm glad you came to your senses :)

  3. Egads, no wonder! Well, at least he's happy. Maybe you can hang it at the bottom of the tree, so that he can see it really well and you can't :)

  4. so cute. and like gret said, in 10 years the other brothers will tease him about his not-so-manly choice, but it's a season in their lives right?

    and who knows, maybe his fascination with shots and kitties will transform into a career as a vet???=)

    oh and christie and I are totally ripping off your idea, we both got the rock 'em sock 'em robots for our boys=) TOO CUTE!

  5. I'm so excited that you got some ornaments! I can't wait to see what you guys get each and every year. That's what I love about Christmas! So I hope Christie is not too bummed with her robots-she said she would cry if she did not get a see'n say.

  6. Hee hee, I remember those cats from a cartoon from when we were little. Its an "Aristocats" ornaments. Me and mom saw it in NY while you and Jess saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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