December 10, 2007

Dance the Horah, Light the Menorah....

Last night we went to our local public square to watch the lighting of the Menorah. Soon after the Menorah was lit, a Jewish man with a wild beard started playing his guitar and singing songs.
Gretchen and Mike were dancing a little jig
So were the boys and their kitties(of course they came)
I dressed the boys in their Jewish blue and yellow shoes for the occasion. The shoes are actually Swedish, but have turned out to be quite versatile. Then we ate some yummy jelly donuts which were hand-made.

Mike was so funny trying to get both boys to cooperate. He was
waving a binky and sweet-talking them into looking at the camera.

Both my and Gretchen's mother's sides are Jewish and our fathers are both Gentiles--or goyum:) Her dad calls her Gretl. So cute. I really wanted to take a picture of this fellow with the longest, pointiest beard ever, but John thought I might make a spectacle of myself.

I recently made some cookies, and people thought my wise men were angry men--I guess the toga looks like some over-the-shoulder machine gun??? Someone even mistook my baby Jesus for Moses or a bug.
My poor confused cookies.
In their defense, the dreidels and menorahs were hand-carved from the cookie dough.

this is how Calvin eats an Oreo:)

and this is how his mama eats them. John just bought the bag late afternoon yesterday.:(
And just for some balance, here's some of my Christmas stuff:
I really need another stocking for Ollie. Anyone seen any knit stockings out there?
my growing collection of cupcake ornaments


  1. this is fun! i still cant believe there wasnt more dancing there. there really ought to have been.
    the story of your cookies is hilarious.
    oh ya and i finished the embroidery!!

  2. SO FUN! It's always nice to keep your heritage alive. I think your cookies turned out well and I love your cupcake ornaments!

  3. yay for you Gretl, finishing your embroidering! I can't wait to see it. You would have fit right in at girls night last night--Lorie, Natasha and Christie were all embroidering. We missed you too Barbie!

  4. Davi, what a fun night! The boys look so cute!

    The cookies are wild. The man in the corner looked like a good Jewish man. I like the beards.

  5. Hee hee, I think the cookies look awesome! Your tree is very stylish and cute too. My tree looks like it is vomiting up the 80's but I am okay with that.