December 9, 2007

kitties and wild boys

We went to Ellie's for lunch the other day. She made the boys mac-n-cheese and us some yummy sandwiches. She is an expert sandwich maker. I don't know what came over my boys, but they were as wild as I've ever seen them. Wild, I tell you. I am still mortified. They do have 2 kitties, so maybe there was some extra cat-nip lying around--though really I have nobody to blame but myself for their behavior. My boys just love her kitties-Ellie mentioned to me that Owen(her older and wiser kitty) was hiding under her bed, and before we knew it, the boys were pretty much under her bed and I had to drag them out. Her other kitty, Graham, was much more willing to put up with them:

cute little up-side-down Graham--kitties are so funny

my boys in heaven with all their kitties.

A little while later I was trying to look at some of Ellie's artwork, and so we put Nemo on for the boys. Somehow, they managed to turn the TV color to black and white. Oh boy. This has never happened before. My boys are usually so reserved in public. I guess my boys are just really comfortable around Ellie. She is soooo good with kids. We were not planning on telling Eddie about the whole scaffaffle, but somehow John let the cat out of the bag yesterday to Eddie(they were on a long car-ride to Biola together). So, sorry Eddie! I will send John to fix your TV if need be! And next time, lunch is on me Ellie! We've been working very hard on obeying better.