December 26, 2007

Christmas festivities

We kicked off the Christmas Eve festivities with the Erickson clan:
My boys in a sea of Erickson girls.
the boys went wild over the "Dr. Shah" kit.

My boys have an unnatural fascination with shots. When I told them they were getting flu shots, they were jumping with joy saying "yay, we get to have shots!". Of course they cried when they actually got the shot.

John's ghetto Dr. kit for the boy's stockings.

The medicine dropper is quite the commodity around here--the boys always steal the motrin medicine dropper and pretend it's a shot. It's a good thing Finn is practicing medicine because his favorite present of all:

I'm not too thrilled with Finn's new found interest in money.

We later scooted up to Aunt Nanie's house for a fabulous Christmas eve dinner.

Lindsay, Jamie and I

Jamie got Ollie all to herself cuz Hayley was out of town.

Calvin and daddy(and of course orange kitty)

Can't they stay little forever??

Later on at mom's house for Christmas day:
Lorie got these adorable jammies for Ollie as a baby shower gift.

And here are some dish towels I embroidered as gifts. No RIT dyeing or sewing machines needed! Very easy and fun.

For Betty, since she liked giraffes when a missionary in Kenya

For mom, since she loves Olive(aka Fi-fi). She's Linday's Chihuahua, but lives with mom.
I actually own her tail.

For Lindsay--we're still figuring out the direction her new kitchen is going.

We had our 1st annual Christmas dessert at her house.


  1. Very fun! I wish we were there! Ollie's pj's are adorable and the dish towels are beautiful.

    LOL about Olive's tail. The hand the wags the tail rules the world!

  2. Or should it be, "the tail that wags the dog rules the world"? LOL!

  3. All those girls...... I love that picture. I can't wait till mine and kate's pictures start looking like that.

    Very nice job on the towels. Home made gifts are always the best.

  4. no pistol dishtowels? maybe i will steal that. thats hilarious about the shots!
    im glad your Christmas was wonderful. the dishtowels look great.

  5. Jess-Lindsay thinks I should own Olive's paws instead, that way I'd have to pay to get her nails clipped!

    Gretl--No pistols...yet. I'm trying to find an image that is more simple cuz embroidering on towels can be trixy with detailed patterns.

  6. Yes, we call her "fi-fi" because of all the Vet fees. Pricey little menace that dog is. :)

  7. I'm drooling over those handtowels. My great grandma always made beautiful tea towels, and I've been able to snag a few from my mom's kitchen and stashed them away in my own...

    Looks like your first Christmas with Ollie was wonderful, he (as well as your other two) is SO stinking adorable!!!

  8. yeah for cute boy pj's!!!=)

    yes, I must know you where you got the plain towels to embroider on... I want to make some for myself. and maybe some other people too=)

    are you coming to christie's tonight for sewing?