December 27, 2007

new ornaments on the block

Tonight we went on our tradional ornament hunt. Here is Finn's pick:
When Clark Kent's door closes, he ermerges as...

Calvin's Rock'em Sock'em ornament
the robots throw punches when you move the joysticks

Of course Calvin made a beeline for the ornament with 3 kitties on it. You should have seen his eyes light up as he gasped with joy, "kitties!" Much to my regret, I grabbed it out of his hands and said "NO!" and threw it aside. I then redirected his attention towards the robots, a Nemo ornament...anything other than the kitties. Poor Calvin. Driving home, I felt so bad that I did not let him have the kitties. Next year he can pick whatever he likes.
And here is my favorite ornament this year:
Ollie's little See 'n Say ornament.
When you pull the string in back, the little arrow spins around.


  1. Aww! No kitties for Calvin??!! He should have a kitty ornament to commemorate his obsession with them. It will be funny to look back at his choice when he is all grown up! Such as it is, the robots are really cute. Fun tradition you have there. I think I need to start picking up ornaments for next year-- I am just all shopped out.

  2. I know--I am a terrible mother. I think I will swing by today and get him his kitties:)

  3. Where did you find such cute ornaments?

  4. hey Jennyo! They are the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, which you can find at any Hallmark--It's a good time to buy right now cuz they are 50% off!

  5. Daaaavi!!!! Go get that boy a kitty!

    I love them all, though, good choices. We're destined for more Barbie ornaments at our house, *sigh*.

  6. these are awesome and i have to say i felt sympathy for calvin not getting his kitty cat ornament. we too had a tradition of getting an ornament each year and i feel awful that i have not gotten elijah his first year ornament. i hope to get to it tomorrow.

  7. Lorie and I are totally copying your tradition... I sooooo want that See 'N Say ornament, I think I will cry if it is not there... I also like the Rock 'em Sock 'em. I fear that the only ones that might be left are the little kitties by the time I get there though, hehehe. :)