December 21, 2007


me in the morning

With Christmas fast approaching, and trying to finish gifts, I can't seem to get into bed before 12 each night. Therefore, it's hard to tear myself out of bed each morning. And then 12 hours later, and I'm still in my pj's. Despite this morning's fatigue, I still felt a surge of excitment, knowing mom was coming down for one of my favorite traditions-- hot chocolate at Starbucks and then viewing the Christmas lights at the rich folks' neighborhood. I love staying nice and warm and lazy in the car. So, in honor of mom coming, Calvin is wearing the army fatigues she bought him:
There's just something about a boy in fatigues...hard to look tough with the diaper though:)

Speaking of diapers, John is attempting potty-training Calvin again this Christmas break. We did ok this summer when John was off work, but I quickly gave up once John went back to school this fall.

Ollie standing in his fatigues. Just kidding. He's not even close...

But he can sit for a little while.

Finn and Calvin trying to teach him to army crawl .

beginnings of a crawl maybe? probably just wishful thinking.
crawling is my favorite stage.

Ollie was actually named after Oliver North--the name Oliver means
"Little Elfin army". Strange coincidence, eh?


  1. boys in their fatigues are adorable! how did the shortbread turn out? we still havent looked at lights but i hope to soon.
    have fun with your mom and when christmas and family are gone we should get together!
    i will prolly post more on my xanga but sometimes here. not sure why but thats what ill do.

  2. Love the "fatigue" correlation. Finn looks so big in the first picture of all three boys. Must be the angle. Have fun with your family and have a very Merry Christmas.