December 21, 2007

new fauxhawk in town

John came home today sporting a new do:
John's new fauxhawk. Isn't it Cuuuute???!!!

Ollie tells daddy that he wants a fauxhawk too.
Usually when John comes home from a hair cut, it's the same old, same old. Very short, respectable. This time he told the lady he was going to grow out his hair a little--I did not have to pull any teeth or anything!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good John! Ryan had the fauxhawk done a month ago at Supercuts and it looked great (and was especially good since his hair automatically grows into a mohawk)... then of course this time he went in and asked for the exact same thing and came home with a friggin' crew cut. Dang those Supercuts people! We may have to suck it up and actually have someone who knows what they're doing next time! Go trendy boy! Your wife is rubbing off on you!