December 14, 2007


Remember my happy little Christmas tree from a few posts ago?

Well, it's not so happy anymore. This is what I stumbled upon yesterday:

little boys + ornaments = disaster
I was a little upset with the boys, but I figured those ornaments were pretty lame anyway. I disciplined them and let it go...Until today:
For crying out loud! What kind of monster would maim these poor innocent giraffes??
I know these giraffes are tiny and seem pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but this is the very 1st ornament that John picked out when we were first married, when we were dirt poor. A vain started popping out of my head and I think I turned into
the Hulk.
Honestly, I don't remember ever being so furious with boys for mangling those ornaments. John did not take it well either.


  1. OH MY! Good thing we have mostly wooden ornaments, I didn't really plan on allowing samuel anywhere near the tree EVER! Trees are for looking, NOT for touching! :) Poor Giraffe!

  2. Oh, no! Can you superglue them back together?

    Ollie is so cute!

  3. im so sorry davi. especially about the first year being poor ornament, those kinds of things mean a lot.

  4. I agree Christie--No mitts on the tree! My sister says at her house "Just because something is there, does not mean you have to touch it". That's a good one.
    And Jess, we've tried gluing some in the past, but I'm not so sure those teeny tiny giraffe legs will survive the surgery:( It'a worth a shot though.

  5. Davi, I am sure you can glue them. It has to be superglue, though, and you might need an old pair of tweezers or you'll get the glue all over your fingers. It's really hard to peel off of skin. We have a lot of broken fairies at our house, and superglue always does the trick. Not that it's ever the same, but good enough.

    We're having a hard time with the "no touching the tree" rule over here, too. No serious casualties yet though!

  6. Aww! Its all fun and game until somebody loses their legs :( So bummed about the giraffes! Hopefully glue will do the trick.