December 19, 2007

two kinds of vans

Ever since their first trip to the hair salon, my boys have enjoyed playing barber shop. During the last trimester of my pregnancy with Ollie, I remember crashing out on the couch with 2 little boys patiently combing my hair. Aside from the occasional yank and yelp, it actually was quite relaxing. I'm a big sucker for anyone playing with my hair. Today Finn was trying to do my hair and asked me to remove the pink thing. I told him that the pink thing was called a rubber band and he said "there's 2 kinds of vans--one that you ride in and a rubber-van for your hair". I snickered, but did not correct him.

the pink rubber van

He then started twisting my hair around his fingers and snipping just like our hair guy does. I asked him "How did you know how to do that?" To which he responded " I don't know, I just figured it out".

barber shop boy

Finn's arsenal

bug catchers work remarkably well as scissors

And finally, Finn's masterpiece.

Well, actually it was the work of 2 photo pals, who were playing a friendly game of paparazzi. Apparently they play it all the time on their scoutings.

When I up my photo skills, I will do Ellie justice. But for now...


  1. oh my gosh, you guys are SO Emery Jo!!

  2. Hee hee, Finn's arsenal includes a screwdriver. Does he include Frankenstein as one of his clients? :)

  3. Hi Davi! I love looking at your blog. Your boys are too cute! It makes me imagine what Braden will be like in a couple years. I hope he does my hair as well as Finn does yours! :)

  4. Hi Angela! Thanks for popping in. --Angela and I ran into each other at a gathering and recognized each other through a friend's blog:)

  5. what fun! i remember doing my moms hair when i was little. i read the two kinds of vans to mike, we love that part!

  6. I never got my hair played with... but as a child I was somehow always conned into playing with older cousin's Angela and Colleen's hair... :)

    Thanks for the emails the other day. It was nice to have contact with the outside world... :)

  7. Christie-Yah, I really enjoyed our email-orama-session too:) How did moms in the olden days survive without emails and blogs???

  8. lets have a paparazzi night again soon, that was TOO fun=)

    and the pazookies weren't bad either.