December 27, 2007

What's new?

Here's what's new with Ollie
After much drooling, the day is finally here! Ollie got his first tooth!!!
Look closely to see Ollie's tiny white speck. Isn't it adorable?
A strange new expression to go along with his new pearly white

It is all too confusing!
God made us so weird--teeth coming in and falling out...
What's new with Calvin
Calvin has been working hard all day potty-training. He had an accident, so John put him on the potty to finish, but it was too late. Calvin then cried his eyes out when John did not give him a treat:( At dinner, Finn requested to take Calvin potty. He grabbed Calvin's hand and ushered him to the potty saying "I know where the bathroom is around here".

potty pals

I wish it were this easy. But, I don't think Calvin is ready yet. Or maybe I'm just not ready yet to deal with accidents while feeding Ollie.

What's new with Finn
I think Finn is learning to spell:
water or milk anyone?

This is a tag Finn made for Calvin's cat:
notice how he spells "Catt"
Maybe there are two t's because Finn has two n's??

And then tonight he was sounding out the "wuh, wuh" for the w in Owwie(he cannot pronounce his L's in Ollie).

Oh,this whole spelling thing is going to be funny.


  1. Oh, that's some wonderful spelling! Finny is so smart!

    And what a handsome tooth Ollie has-I think I need a magnifying glass to see it though!

  2. Wow, not only does Finn have and AWESOME imagination (with his building projects), but he's also a genious and a great helper. What a wonderful big brother!

  3. "wodr" is great!
    and ollie is such a big boy with his new tooth, im very proud of him.

  4. I thought this learning/spelling/reading stage was one of my favorites until Ella wrote, "My mommy and daddy r rguin ubowt suding I don no wut," (translation: My mommy and Daddy are arguing about something I don't know what.) Mommy and Daddy then had to explain we weren't really arguing, just not agreeing (I promise, it was not even a real argument). Who knows what the girl is saying and spelling at school!