December 16, 2007

It's official

Just yesterday, John and I were getting ready in our bathroom and Calvin was busy chatting our ears off. Other than an occasional clang of the drum, it was pretty quiet in the living room where Finn and Oliver were playing. I wondered for a minute what was going on, but figured "as long as no one is crying..." We walked into the living room only to discover this:

Ollie camping out on the living room floor.

He is praying someone will put him in his pack&play

I've always cherished each baby like it's my 1st, and so I was quite dismayed to discover that my level of care had dropped a few notches. As much as I hate to admit it, Ollie has officially earned his stripes as a 3rd child:(

Ollie wasn't the only one camping out in the living room that day. John took Finn outside at midnight(not my idea!) the night before to watch the meteor shower and Finn was obviously trying very hard to see some more shooting stars.


  1. Cool! I was watching the meteor shower that night too. It was lovely!

  2. What cute little sleepy sweeties :)

    On the subject of sleeping AND daddy daycare...One day when Justin was babysitting, Aubrey fell asleep in her highchair. I think he was proud that he got her to sleep ;)

  3. I love sleeping babies.... especially when they fall asleep on their own in the oddest places.