January 8, 2008

Band of Brothers

$30 to go!

Doesn't sound like much, but when you're 4 years old and your only source of income is a 50cents/week allowance and recycling cans, it's a pretty big deal. Since June, Finn has been pickling his pennies toward a drum set. Not just any drum set, but one that has a base drum, 2 mounted toms, a floor tom, snare, crash cymbal, high hat cymbal and a throne. Finn will tell you allll about it if you ask him:)

any deviation from this model is cause for great consternation.

Almost every day Finn draws an exact replica of this model.

And almost every day, he announces that he must practice playing his drums. I have to say, he is very faithful and diligent ~when I took piano lessons I only practiced once a week~ You are probably thinking "what mother in her right mind would allow real live drums in her home?" Well, one who has already endured countless jam session ending in shrieks and wails upon the collapse of such precarious set-ups.

those are black vacuum extensions taped onto the drums
and the paper plates are cymbals

And these are just a few samples. This has been going on for over a year. How could it get any worse?? I am a little nervous for these drums to arrive, but it's way too late to back out now. Finn has been steadfast and unswerving in his fund-raising efforts. My little scrooge could not be swayed or tempted by any other object ~unlike his mama who spends her birthday money before she even gets it~ I wish I had Finn's patience to save up for extended periods of time. I've been saving for a camera for less than a month, and I have already been sidetracked by candy machines and the likes.
Finn's protege
Calvin is saving for an electric guitar and is going to magically and conveniently get it the same day Finn gets his drums. Our band of brothers is finally starting to come together...
So serious, they are!


  1. Oh my goodness! How stinkin CUTE! I love how motivated Finn is! And I must say, after looking at these cute pictures of the boy band, I want 3 boys now too! :)

  2. Can I get his autograph now? I see fame in his future!

  3. Oh, Davi, I just want to pack those boys up and take them home with me in my suitcase! You can keep the drums, though, heeheehee!

  4. So cute Davi! At least you know that it is not just a phase. He is really into them. Talk to Brenda...I remember the days of Mark playing in the garage. Hey, look at him now! It'll be worth it when he becomes a big star and buys you that gum ball machine!

  5. Oh, your own little traveling band! That is just way way too cute!

  6. your children are amazing! i wish i would have known he was saving up for a drumset, i just recently got rid of mine and i would have happily given it to him. it is not the same kind and it had some missing pieces but it might have been nice for the mean time. i find it very impressive that hes saved that much money! im hoping elijah has the same interest. drums in the house are great.

  7. The best fake drums we have ever seen. The Erickson Trio. Love It!!

  8. Wow, I am impressed with Finn's determination there! Thats a lot of money for such a little guy to save up! Too cute. Hee hee, it looks like Ollie has a tiny Mohawk in that last picture.

  9. This is INCREDIBLE! Such determination and drive for a little guy... that's such an amazing quality, and you guys are nurturing it so well in him! Can't wait to hear about the exciting day when he gets what he's worked so hard for!

  10. I am a person who has two little girls right now (and I LOVE them), but reading this blog about your adventures with three sons makes me want a little boy so badly. Your boys are amazing! I hope your son gets his drumset very soon-- he deserves it.
    My hubby is a drummer, and I'm going to have to show him this because he would love the creativity that went into those "drumsets". :)

  11. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!Emery graced my blog~I'm honored by you all~but I'm such a big fan of the infamous Emery Jo!
    ok I'm playing it cool now.
    Or not.
    I'm such a dork:)

  12. That's like the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  13. Oh no, Im getting a TOTAL 'Hanson #2' preminition!!! MMMMBop!

  14. oh my goodness. i can't get over your boys. makes me want to have a whole heard of them myself.

    now all you need is a piper to do vocals...=)