January 22, 2008

Curtain Woes

So apparently, I have not learned how to properly write Haikus. My little sister Lindsay wrote a *meaningful* Haiku on her blog last week(She has a friend, who funnily enough, writes wrath Haikus that point out the sin in his life). Being a good sport, I wrote a haiku of my own in response(revised):
curtains so matchy-match
puke in the night
vomiting 4-evermore
Since I am not a natural poet, I was pleased with my scathing Haiku of wrath. Until my older sister Jessica so kindly pointed out that mine was not even a Haiku at all, since it didn't have the 5-7-5 syllable construction. Good to know Jess! So, even though this is so yesterday, here is my less dramatic 2nd attempt:
curtains matchy-match
their yuckiness surrounds me
I don't like them much
Basically, my sisters and I are having curtain woes right now. Lindsay just moved into her new place and curtains elude her. Jessica moves all the time so her curtains must always accomodate new settings. I really have no excuse, since I've been stationary for the last 5 years. Yet, my family room has been through 5 different sets of curtains, all of which I don't care for. My current ones are too girlie and matchy-match. Some people give me grief for being so wishy-washy over my drapes, but I'm the one who has to stare at them all day. My next curtains are going to be simple medium-length panels. I would love to find some funky fabric to work with though.

Kind of like the fabric from this purse

or this one

This purse? A mere $200(that's 2/10 of a horse Lin!)

The designer made these purses from vintage furniture upholstery she found in an abandoned warehouse, so it is unlikely I am going to find fabric like this anywhere. Hence, I think curtains shall elude me too Lindsay!


  1. uh oh, I have waverly curtains. I guess that's a bad thing. I am girly though so maybe it's a fit. I am known for being behind in trends though....so I'm not surprised. =0) Hope you find some new and incredible curtains. I'd loan you my set my sister got me in Paris but I'm kind of attached to them. They aren't waverly. =0)

  2. jeez i sound like a complete snob. Your curtains are probably very cute. I just had this one waverly set years ago that my current ones remind me of:)I think I need to rewrite this blog so I don't go insulting everyon'es perfectly fine waverlys!

  3. i dont even know what waverlys are. we jest have ugly blinds. ive been planning on making curtains since we moved in.
    have you looked at upholstery shops? i know f&m has some

  4. Hee hee, I cannot justify spending 2/10 of a horse on a purse, but it really is lovely fabric! :)
    I cracked up that Jess criticized your "haiku" and its structure-- I decided that it was simply a chemist's haiku and there had to be exceptions made.
    I am tempted to steal the ones from my old room and put them in the kitchen and just buy a different set for mom and dad. How can this be so difficult!!?

  5. J, please post a pic of these Parisian curtains! I need some inspiration! Oh, and if your beautiful house is any indication, then your Waverly's are beautiful. Davi's Waverly's were left over from college, so they had that fabulous '90's vibe.

    Davi, bravo on your new haiku! Much applause, despite it's being so *over*, lol!

  6. What, so chemists are entitled to poetic license? Chemists don't need to follow the rules? Yeah, I see how you roll :O)

  7. ah yes, lots of exceptions should be made for this alleged chemist, who is in need of poetry lessons and charm school!

  8. Okay, I found a picture on my blog....here's the link. http://jonemi.blogspot.com/2007/11/bedroom-on-loan.html
    They are old....I think she bought them about 9-10 years ago. They are sheer with pockets. She got them in Paris before we had seen anything like it here and then shortly afterwards they became popular here. It's been fun to stick different things in the pockets. They used to be in our living room of our old house in this big picture window and at Christmas I stuck a candy cane here and there in them, the fall they had dried maple leaves in them, in the spring they had pressed flowers, etc.

    I was teasing about the waverly. I DO have lots of waverly which I know even from a few years back is out but I still love this one pattern....it's really popular which is a bummer. I don't like whatever is popular but I seem to be attracted to those things. Darn. I'm not offended. You should have left the blog post the way it was, it's hilarious! =0) You are all SO funny! I just love reading your blogs and comments. I need to get invited to little Lindsay's blog. Sorry, Lindsay, I still picture you about 9 years old with your super long blonde hair.... I'm trying really hard to imagine you all grown up. =0)

  9. ps, I vote for the first purse that's blue. Puuurrrrty!