January 28, 2008

Guitar Lessons

A few years ago, I asked John to teach me to play the guitar. If you've ever attempted music lessons from your husband, you might know what I'm talking about. It did not go well, to say the least. Our lessons would go something like this:
Me: So, how do I play the g chord?
John: Well, how do you think you should play the g chord?
Me: Well, I DON"T KNOW. That's why I'm asking YOU.
(Yeah I know, I was a pain)
To make matters worse, I refused to chop my nails off. Despite these setbacks, John still managed to teach me Amazing Grace, which I see now was fitting. Now that I'm a little older and much more patient, I decided to give it another whirl. We started off much the same as before, with John talking WAAAAY over my head. It took a while, but I finally convinced him that I was not the musical genius that he thought I was. He got out a crayon and drew some guitar tablature to teach me the g chord and c chord.
A dozen questions later, and I finally understood how this trixy tablature related to the actual strings on my guitar. Poor John. However, my new found patience(and his) helped a lot and I can now play 2 chords on the g-tar. Yee Haw!
I even got out the nail clippers and chopped my nails off. Long nails are only good for scratching backs anyway, so I will not miss them. I must say though, my fingertips were a little sore from the tight guitar strings. John says it will take some time for them to toughen up. So, guitars hurt your fingers, drums hurt everyone else's ears and horns involve way too much spit. The piano is the only instrument that does not seem to inflict pain or gross-ness. With my 2 chords, I can now play row-row-row-your boat. My goal is to eventually play Edelweiss and Princess Bride's Storybook Love. My little buddies are happy that I can play with them.

Hey Lorie, check out this shot taken by my 2nd shooter, Finn!


  1. Hee hee, I knew it was only a matter of time before you joined in the guitar obsession. :) Finn did a good job with the picture! It looks good. Like your socks in that shot by the way!

  2. that is so fun-- your own little band.
    I REALLY want to learn to play the guitar too. But my husband can't teach me, because he doesn't know how, so I might just have to take some lessons from you! :)

  3. i think its awesome that youre learning! i would love to know an instrument. your little family band is awesome.
    yes it was so much fun today! im definitely looking forward to doing it again. we always love seeing you guys, even if lijah seems to scream his way through it.

  4. i love that last picture by finny. you guys just look like the cutest little hippy dippy family! you should go on tour!!!=)

  5. You look good playing the guitar! =)

    My hubby taught me how to play golf a few years back, and he was surprisingly patient. I never really got good, but it was fun to try for a while.