January 20, 2008

the orange sheep

There always seems to be a black sheep in every family and in our family it just so happens to be an orange sheep by the name of Calvin Jack.
John, Finn and I are a bit analytical. When Finn was a baby, my MIL would often comment on how he would turn a toy over in his hands, inspecting it from every possible angle. Since Finn was my 1st, I thought nothing of this....until the other day when I handed Ollie a toy and I watched him examine it at every possible angle for almost an hour.

I sometimes joke that Ollie should have been named Finnegan, since it's like having Finn again. Not so with Calvin. Early on, I could tell that Calvin was going to be un-serious. Finn would get so upset that Calvin would abandon ship right in the middle of practicing instruments together. John jokes that Calvin is going to be the band member that never practices and never does his homework. Calvin is the type of kid who will run into the wall with a bucket on his head--love it:) Just yesterday, he came into our room with his shirt stuck over his head meeping "help..I can't see". And then he woke up late from his nap yesterday and got dressed in the dark, emerging with Finn's shirt and jeans BOTH on backwards, with his boots on the wrong feet.
Today the boys were taking a walk on the bike trail and there were 2 ladies, one of which was wearing a bathrobe(lovely, I know). When she stretched out her arms, Calvin gasped "look Daddy, an angel!" If it weren't for Calvin, the rest of us would have totally missed this angel sighting, being too busy inspecting this lady for curlers and slippers.


  1. he is so precious! i love the pictures of ollie inspecting the objects and calvin and his silliness is so wonderful. im currently in a bathrobe and am now considering going to a walk to be mistaken as an angel.

  2. How awesome is Calvin :) I love his picture with the backwards jeans and boots all messed up. Too cute!

  3. Oooh, I just love them. I wish someone would mistake me as an angel-even (or especially!) in a bathrobe, I don't think it would happen, lol!

    The girls are crazy about the picture of him stuck in a barstool.

    Oh, and I think Calvin def. has some of his mama in him with that silliness! Not so much an "orange" sheep. lol!

  4. Jess--I initially wrote that the rest of us had perfectionistic or workaholic tendancies, but thought analytical sounded kinder for when a certain someone learns to read my blog. Remember *homework Davi*? Mom and dad used to tell me to STOP studying and when I went away to college, dad said "just try to have some fun, ok?".

  5. Oh, yes, who could ever forget Homework Davi? LOL about Dad telling you to have fun. Yes, you are very much a perfectionist, but there is certainly a silly streak unmatched by the rest of us!

  6. I don't think that last picture could get any cuter! Love the backwards outfit :)