January 24, 2008

The Middle Child

John went to Walmart tonight to buy some chains for our van, because we *might*could* go out of town this weekend. That is, if the weather allows. When there is snow in CA, the entire civilization as we know it collapses. I had big hopes for this weekend.. a bridal shower, meeting my little sister's boyfriend for the 1st time, and celebrating my dad's birthday. But, we may be stuck at home due to road closures, etc...

So anyway, John took Finn and Ollie to Walmart with him, leaving behind a very disappointed Calvin Jack. After changing Calvin into his hockey pj's(or aj's, as he calls them) I dished him out some ice cream to cheer him up. He immediately dragged out his little blue table like he's done this a hundred times. I guess I was not the 1st person to bribe this child. Regardless, me and my middle child had ourselves a nice little "ice-sreem" date. I am a middle child too, so it was fun hanging out with one of my kind. They say us middle children have all sorts of quirks and dysfunctions, but I think we are a rather well adjusted breed.

Poor Calvin. He had a rough start today. He fell backwards out of his chair at breakfast and smacked his head HARD on the kitchen floor. THWOK. My heart sank as he screamed bloody murder. I knew I would have to get his head checked, because he was not acting himself. So, off to Dr. Shah's we went, along with the rest of our town.The doc said he looked fine, but to keep an eye on him. So after some ice cream and Jay-Jay, I think Calvin's day ended better than it started.


  1. Ouch, poor Calvin. But I'm sure the mommy time made up for it.

    Kate calls icecream "ipleam".

    And as for middle children, I have two of them, and they are as quirky as all get out! And remarkably well adjusted, too. Their is nothing like a middle child. Or a first child. Or a last child! Lol.

  2. Lol, Calvin-- I love the last picture where you are kissing his cheek- he has a really cute little smirk. Yea, How are things looking for this weekend? I was thinking about that and figured it seemed like a long shot that ya'll would make it out. It is supposed to be pretty sketchy over the grape vine as I am sure you have been seeing. Hope to see ya, but worried about the drive!

  3. Lin, we are still trying to find chains--could you believe Walmart did not have the ones we needed? We may try the other route. I am still packing up--ya know, playing it by ear!

  4. those pictures of the two of you are incredibly cute.
    I'm really glad his head is ok. Those are scary things to have happen, because you just never know.
    does everyone go to Dr. Shah?? We do too, and I can't tell you how many people I've talked to who go to him. Hmmm, maybe that is because he is so great.

  5. I am a middle child also and probably the least quirky of all my siblings. My poor Seth is a middle child and the only boy and definitley my most quirky kid!

  6. Poor little guy. I think that my nephew would actually rather stay home than go shopping. Maybe it's because we torture him with too much shopping ;) Ice cream makes everything better. Cute pics!

    P.S. Aren't we all a little quirky?

  7. youre such a good mom. i love the second picture of you and calvin. tooo cute

  8. I love it! and that Calvin Jack is just delicious. did you go out of town?

    oh and fab job on the self portraits!