January 6, 2008

my little excursion

So after recovering from my cold, I flew the coop today while John watched the boys. I headed downtown, straight for my favorite junk shop--down, down into its basement. I don't know why I'm so attracted to this particular dungeon, but it 's the first place I go. I found the exact window frame I was looking for.

Isn't she a beaut?

I spied this charming little number back in June while pregnant with Ollie, and instantly fell in luv with her ancient dual sliding metal panes. It's just what I need for some of my Ellie pics. I don't know yet if I'm gonna pull the panes apart and make 2 separate frames, or if I'm going to keep it together as one unit. Then, out of the corner of my eye , I spotted the gem of all gems.

This is a definite want.

In case you did not know, I'm quite fond of gumball and candy machines .

This machine was very well crafted and I have the absolute perfect spot for it in my kitchen. I'm supposed to be saving for a camera though. The store owner said he could put it on layaway for 90 days. Hm. Decisions, decisions. Then this guy walks by, holding a handgun. I did not care if the gun was vintage or not, I was not going to stick around in the basement to find out. I was totally creeped out. Seriously, don't they have rules about guns being locked up behind the counter? The store owners should know better--they are scaring away moms and small children.
Here are a few other items that I did not buy:
vintage scale complete with 2 looking glasses.
As if the numbers on a scale were not harsh enough...you can actually watch yourself as you gain the weight. No thank you! Only a man could invent such a contraption.
Wouldn't a pair of these make a cute birthday gift?

I asked the owner where he got all his loot. He has 15 families in France scouting for stuff for their livelihood. So, I must support these poor people by buying that gumball machine, no? Why does french loot seem more appealing than plain old American junk?


  1. YOU MUST BUY that gumball machine! Not only is it adorable, but it would match your house perfectly! Although, I would be conflicted because I really want a good camera too. Decisions, Decisions.

    BTW, the handgun situation...SCARY!

  2. i agree you need that candy machine! it is awesome and your kitchen is calling for it. how much does a thing like that go for? sometime we need to go downtown shopping together.

  3. Wow, that gumball machine is awesome! I think you need it. Oh, I looked at those canisters at Macy's-- they are not really teal-- totally just clear plastic with teal paper inside of it. Lame!

  4. I'm in love with the candy machine... too bad we didn't know each other when I got married, we had a massive candy bar you sooooooo would have enjoyed at our reception! :)

  5. Wow, you're into the same crazy stuff I like! You should see the stack of window frames in my garage that have been ripped out of old farm houses. I have one that has been on our piano for years and we love it other than all the paint chips that fall off it when I dust it. I'm getting ready to mount another one in my bathroom. I LOVE stores like that.

    Can you barter for the candy machine? Most of the places I go to I can offer them less and they almost always take it. Just a suggestion. The candy machine is cool but better your house than mine....my kids would drive me crazy with that....always trying to sneak candy. LOL.

    Hey, come visit some time so we can junk shop together! BUT, I DO think the camera is a TOP PRIORITY! Come visit and we can take pictures too!