January 16, 2008


For months now, I have been the boys' personal tape dispenser. Left to themselves, the tape quickly ended in a twisted mess. Just recently, Finn figured out the trick, and boy was he tape-happy. He told me he wanted to be a tape-cutter for his new job. With his new skill, he started making his very own wrapping paper from scratch.

Finn's designer paper

The boys started wrapping every toy in sight. Nothing escaped the wrath of these two tape monsters. Finn even learned the corner technique:
The boys host many parties for us at night, where the day's presents are unwrapped and "oohed and ahhed" over--a kitty? For me? Ooohh just what I've always wanted!

Even Ollie got in on the action.

Hm..wonder what this could be.

Hey Finn! Would you like some paper with your tape??

After a few days of this "stitch-style" taping, we were FAST running out of tape and paper. I took Finn out on a hot date to the dollar store and let him select some cheapo wrapping paper. The next day, Santa Finn and elf Calvin were hard at work.
Well, maybe elf Calvin was less than ambitious,
but Finn was no shirker and more than made up for it:
Mass production , presents galore

Before we knew it, the boys were requesting tupperware and gathering blocks. What were they up to? It took a few seconds to remember the beloved dice game we play every Christmas with the Erickson clan. Each team has a pair of dice in a pie tin and whenever you roll doubles, you steal a gift(unless you are Calvin, and then you are giving your presents back to everyone).
dice game, Finn and Calvin style

With all the ruckus this masking tape caused, I can hardly wait to see what the boys cook up when they discover duct tape.


  1. ohmygoodness they are so funny! i would love to just observe them for days. i hope to have a pack of boys to do wonderful funny things like yours. i like how even the wrapping paper had kitties in the form of hello kitty. i feel like you and john must be so good at encouraging creativity. seems like a lot of parents would get upset at the start with the wasting of paper product.
    mike and i have been up since 4.30 this morning and found your post to be a wonderful start to the day!

  2. Hee hee, wow! I love Finn's mass production pile. Thats awesome! My nephews are too funny :)

  3. I LOVE it! My kids have the same obsession with tape...although they prefer clear scotch tape and always refer to it as "sticky tape" from Dora the Explorer. It sounds like Finn is a lot like Jonathan with the obsessive behavior. I can SO relate! ;0) My kids got huge packs of tape in their stockings! hee hee.

  4. This year for Christmas Macy got a Tape Dispenser of her very own and a whole Costco sized pack of extra tape rolls! She was sooo excited about it... but I find it on my walls and carpet too, not just her 'gifts' (aka: a ripped sheet out of her coloring book folded and taped into itself a MILLION times) for Ryan when he comes home each day! What is it about Sticky Tape? (Macy got her vocab from Dora too...how funny!)

  5. Oh! PS - Davi I need your email address! Can you post it on my blog or somethin'?

  6. I'm shouldn't be surprised, but holy cow! your boys are amazing!! and sewing! ugh! you and your crafty, artsy, talented, creative kids are just amazing!!!