January 27, 2008


We ended up going out of town after all. We took a walk on the wild side, gambled with the weather and won. John even got interviewed by a newscaster when we stopped for gas at the Flying J. She asked how the weather was traveling through the passes. Seriously, can you believe all the fuss over a little snow?
When we got to my folk's house, we had some yummy oreo cake to celebrate dad's birthday. Afterwards, John and I watched The Gladiator. Eddie Grover showed a short clip at the BBI last week and so we had to see it again(BTW, Eddie did a FABULOUS job). I was a little shell-shocked by some of the violence, since I am accustomed to the likes of Clifford these days. However, I give two thumbs up for Maximus and the barbarian hoard.
The next day we went to Barbara Ellen's bridal shower. The highlight for me was when we got to interrogate Barb with a *nosy* question when she opened our present.

Barbara Ellen, the beaming bride to be

Brittanie, Barb and Jennifer

We then rushed back to mom's house so I could meet Lindsay's boyfriend Jim. He's perfect! A total doll! I then got summoned outside by Finn to see his latest production.
No backyard is complete without a drumset.

Everything, including the kitchen sink, was used to make this drumset(actually it was a bathroom sink). Dad is remodeling Lindsay's bathroom, so that explains the sink in the backyard... and a mirror:)

Auntie Lindsay with Ollie

Lindsay and Jim, the cute little couple.

Calvin had fun climbing some funky metal steps.
I wanted to take them home with me.

I could have stayed outside all day--mom and dad live by the mountains. However, mom made us leave by 3:30 sharp so we did not get stuck in another storm. We crammed so much in, it's hard to believe we were there for less than 24 hours. And now, I must unpack:(


  1. What a fun little getaway! Isn't it funny how a day away can feel like a mini-vacation...so refreshing...until the unpacking that is :)

  2. Oooh, what great pictures! Barbara Ellen looks beautiful, just like a bride should. LOL at Finny. Is there anything he doesn't turn into a drum set? Ooh, and the trailor steps. Who knew those rickety old things would make such a fabulous back drop for Calvin's picures? And then Lindsay and Jim... I *almost* feel like I was back home! Thanks for posting :)

  3. Your parents live in the "same" house right? The one you grew up in? Just curious if that's where you were.

  4. J-My parents still live in the same house I was born in, but in the pictures, we were actually next door, at the house they inherited. Lindsay just moved into it, and so they are doing lots of projects on it. It's so fun!

  5. Thanks for posting the pictures of Barb's shower! I was sad not to be able to be there.

  6. Barb looks lovely! Glad you guys came down! It was fun to see ya even though it was brief. Hee hee, I always knew that rickety shed and ghetto trailer would come in handy for something.

    What happened to the pictures of me and you in front of the fridge? Don't post 'em, but if any came out decent, can ya email it to me?