January 14, 2008

A little game of tag

I'll admit it--I have not really exercised in over a year. I don't exercise much while pregnant, due to vomiting till 20 weeks, followed by a few good weeks, followed by muchas contractions, followed by Finn and Ollie coming 3 weeks early. Not to mention those pesky c-sections that leave you hobbled up for a while. I'm not complaining...just observing. I think babies are worth every ounce of trouble.

I often marvel at my ability to watch inspirational weight loss shows, like the Biggest Loser, while happily munching on chips or oreos. Have you seen Jillian's rock hard abs? Impressive, but yah, no so much for me.

I sprinted to the mail box the other day and came back huffing and puffing like I'd run a marathon. It was quite pathetic. I had flashbacks to roller blading with Jessi Schatzle...her pushing my 2 boys in a trailer, while I pushed just Davis with my weak sauce legs.

Yesterday I took Ollie on a brisk walk and it felt great. I came home energized and made a mean batch of beef stroganoff. Immediately after dinner, I haphazardly started doing crunchies, push-ups and light weight-lifting. I had no plan, not even a p-l-a. I even set the timer for 5 minutes and started running laps around my family room. John, of course, thought this was hilarious and decided to turn on some rap music to further the amusement. The boys' eyes were as big as saucers, as they could not believe their good luck that mommy was actually going to play tag with them. So, around we went, they chased me and I chased them. John wanted to video-tape this spectacle, but I forbid him. Also, if you've notice, this is one of the few posts where I've conveniently forgotten the existence of the camera. If you want to see this, you will have to come play a little game of tag with me yourself!

This morning I woke up with a little cough-cough, like my body was already revolting. Pathetic, I know.


  1. ohh davi i love starting off the day with one of your posts, they always make me laugh. i am the same way about eating oreos and watching those shows. however im beginning to hold a grudge against my pooch that is deciding to happily stay on my tummy. i keep planning on getting back into bellydancing or something but i havent been as inspired as you yet. maybe lijah and i will come play tag!

  2. ok, I have to admit it. I"m officially addicted to your blog. You are so entertaining! That, and your life with THREE little boys fascinates me.
    Just thought I would let you know, so you wouldn't wonder why I keep popping up over here. :)
    I think I might even have to put your link on my page... (if you don't mind)

  3. maybe we should get together and WALK? cause I don't run. or jog. but I can walk.

    and I'm the same way, get inspired by these people working out all day long for weeks at a time to win money and regain their lives so to speak...all the while I'm eating whatever is in the pantry.


  4. walking? that's actually not a bad idea at all Lorie--buring calories and socializing at the same time. now if only ya'll were my neighbors and we could just roll out of bed and hit the trail.

  5. Aww, I remember you used to play tag a long time ago too!I watched with amusement while you ran around the kitchen. Glad that tradition is back!
    I wanna go skating with you if you can still go the next time I come up. I assume with the three boys its near impossible, but if there is any way, I would love it!

  6. Okay, this post cracked me up. The other day, I was watching the today show and this lady who lost like 150lbs was talking about how all she did was Weight Watchers. When the host asked about exercise, she said she did 30 crunches and 10 push ups a night. I then decided I would do that each day. Yeah....that lasted all of 3 days. I get moments of inspiration, but I really do need to make it part of my routine.

    We all need to do a Monday play date at Riverwalk or something like that. Then after the kids play, put them in a jogger and go for a walk on the bike trail. The bigger ones like Finn can ride a scooter or little bike.

  7. I THINK about exercising. Does that count?