January 3, 2008


Here is Finny, doing my most favorite run ever.
He swings his arms back, then flings them forward, just like a cartoon character.(minus the cool sound-effects)

Finn at mach speed.
John and I were talking at dinner the other night, about how some kids say bad words, like the F-word, during their rebel phase(I know, totally inappropriate conversation topic). Finn looked at us and said "I say F-words all the time...like Fireworks!"...heehee. phew. Maybe we won't talk about that again. Ever.


  1. F is for FINN=)

    your boys are too cute.
    and I LOVE those Pj's, I was tempted to buy them for H for next year.

  2. Eli does a funny run to - his arms are usually up high like a monkey. Boy's are so fun.... Gabe and I have also learned to be very carefull with what we say, how we react and what we listen to or watch. Its been very tricky. It doesnt have to be anything bad - but just our reaction could back fire on us. Can you believe our boy's will be 5 this year...

  3. This is too cute! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. Reminds me of my little brother... when we would get new shoes as kids, he would insist on running up and down the hallway of our mobile home (yes, we were white trash) showing everyone how incredibly fast his new little shoes made him... too cute. He would run all outta control and clumsy like, thinking he was all bad with his new kicks.