January 17, 2008

embroidering fireworks

It was 1/2 hour till daddy got home, and 1/2 hour till Curious George was on. All day Finn had been asking me to sew his raggedy white blanky back together. He seemed so interested in sewing, that I decided to let him try his hand at embroidering. I figured some fireworks were right up his ally. He drew fireworks on some fabric and stitched along the lines, pretty much all by himself--though there were times he made me hold the fabric off the ground because he was afraid he'd stab the carpet... and the earth and he did not want to break the earth with his needle. Instead, he stabbed me once, but was very apologetic.
you know Finn is concentrating when his dimple appears


Later on, he tried to stitch up his white blanky himself,
with his own needle and thread

don't mind the hat, he was also chef pig today(from Word World)

And then there is Calvin. He got stuck in a bar stool today, and yesterday(keep in mind, he is 2).
all smiles at first

Soon after this picture, he dissolved into tears till I rescued him.

That pretty much sums up my boys:)


  1. Great job with the fireworks! I knew he could do it! Calvin stuck in the bar stool is hysterical. Poor thing.

  2. Every time I read your posts I am just blown away by the creativity your boys have. It makes me want to be better about doing crafty things with my kids for entertainment. I know my daughter Emma would love some of these ideas. Like the wrapping presents-- seriously, what a fun thing!!
    Finn's fireworks are great! I think he may be a better embroiderer tham me.
    by the way, Word World is our very favorite TV show!! :)

  3. Wow! Finn did a great job! I'm so impressed.

  4. Wow! Finn has skills. Very cool fireworks. I also like his Finney family shirt. Hee hee, poor Calvin- those bar stools can be tricky :)

  5. I love reading about life with your boys. You really do a wonderful job of encouraging their creativity! So fun and cute and talented!

  6. thats awesome that you had finn do some sewing. he should be very proud of himself.