February 21, 2008


I know that I said that my next post would be on Finn's new drum set, so just consider this an addendum to my previous post. John came home this evening with an envelope addressed to "Mr. Finn Erickson". Inside the envelope was the following anonymous letter, with 3 bucks enclosed.

John thinks it's from one of his students, who also goes to our church. He is a drummer himself and so he is one of Finn's biggest supporters. His friend brings by their 2 bottles to John's "recycling for drums" box every day. How cute is that! In class yesterday John announced that Finn had only $2.50 to go, hence the 3 bucks in the letter, we presume. Thanks cute anonymous person!


  1. This is too cute! Sounds like John teaches some pretty cool kids :) So pround of Finn for raising the money!

  2. that's so sweet of someone. I have to say, I really think it's great that you guys stuck with it till the end in teaching him how to save up for something. What a great lesson for him!
    And now that it is finally here, oh boy-- he is getting a great reward. I'm excited for him!

  3. Adorable.. However, you realize that you can't put away the faux drum aparatus' right? Hello!!!! Unless you got three for one, there are two groopies who aren't going to sit on the sidelines! :) You might as well start up their funds too! :)

  4. When are the big drums comin out???? We are dieing to see them...