February 8, 2008

Gretchen's house-of-fun

A few days ago, the boys and I went over to Gretchen's place, and boy did we have fun. First of all, her place is from another era, so it has all the architectural charm that I dream of--wood floors, fun sinks and cool tiles backsplashing here and there...and the widest, most incredilbe arch over her dining room. And then you have all of Gretchen's touches sprinkled on top...I could have moved right in.
!Hi Gretchen!

Lijah and I playing in the beaded doorway.
She also has a real live cotton candy machine in her kitchen. And you know how I feel about candy machines! She was super sweet to my boys and let them play with her African drums. The boys were in HEAVEN and could have played them all day--I eventually made them stop, for fear that no one would ever let me and my noisy boys over again:)

As if these drums were not exciting enough, Gretchen had one more trick up her sleeve. The boys were allowed to play with Mike's beloved Tony Hawk tech dech finger boards, complete with ramp and grind rail.
Aren't these the cutest toys ever?

Growing up in a house full of girls, I never imagined I'd have a house full of boys one day. I liked the Tony Hawk set so much, that I looked all over for them yesterday and today. They must be very popular, because they are sold out everywhere. Even Jessica was out of luck, looking for them in her neck of the woods. I did happen to find a little yellow VW bus for Calvin's Easter basket though.
Who knew shopping for boys could be such fun?

Then, later on today, Mike and Gretch stopped by with a "surprise" for the boys. I almost fainted when they handed over Mike's tech decks. Isn't that just about the sweetest thing ever????
The boys and I had a BLAST playing with them tonight.
Thanks so much Gretch and Mike!!!! We love you guys!


  1. awww we LOVE it!! im thrilled they had a great time and cant wait for them to come play my drums again and play with mikes little skate park he just got tonight.
    it was so fun to be able to give them the toys and even more fun to see the pictures of them happily playing with it! youre most welcome and we love you too!

  2. We had one of those yellow VW buses growing up...Mom called it Mello Yellow. =)

  3. Love your blue and yellow curtain, Gretchen! I love the sofas too....whom ever they belong to. =0)

  4. You guys are awesome! i think your blog is pretty great as is... however, if you want to start taking more 'pro' looking pictures, i would suggest a camera upgrade first off. get a canon rebel or canon 40D. with a sweet lens and your great perspective, i'm sure you'll improve in no time! thanks for commenting! i would totally hang out with you guys we lived in the same town i think!

  5. That was so nice of Gretchen!...and Mike for that matter.
    I'm envious of all the little boy groupies hanging out. It almost makes me want to have a baby boy right now...

    Do all of you girls do MOPS or Wed. Bible study?

  6. oh please do have another baby Barbie! Boy or girl, it would be welcomed with open arms. I would love to have Aubrey over to play, that is if she can handle all the drum noises! Sadly I am not doing morning bible study or MOPS this year, because they meet too early and organized activity has become very difficult since Ollie's birh. However, that does leave my shedule open for play dates! I'll email you and you can tell me your days off and maybe we can figure out some days that work for you and some of the other girls!

  7. in reference to the above comments: i think it would be great to have a girl join us and even out the boy girl ratio!