February 5, 2008

Maestra Ellie

I told Ellie to bring her guitar over the other night, thinking we could practice together. She claimed that she was not very good and that she needed lessons. I figured we could play a duet of 'row your boat' or 'twinkle little star'...or at the very least, we could toughen up our fingers a bit. Turns out, she plays beautifully, but then again, Ellie does everything beautifully. Though I did not think I was ready, she insisted on teaching me Amazing Grace.
She showed me how to play the chords and wrote down some notes.
(and yes, that is D minor and G suspended)

During all this, Lorie was drowning her sorrows in the ukulele

It wasn't long before Ellie convinced Lorie to join us and try her hand at the guitar too. Lorie did a great job strumming her chords and it was funny to see her concentrating so hard.

the seriousness only lasted so long though.

Oh but my fingers are sore today. So, Jenn claims she was a rockin "wannabe" in college...that's the best kind, if you ask me! Anybody else got any hidden talents out there? Harmonica anyone?


  1. Where were your 3 little backup drummers during this jam fest? I'm surprised they weren't rockin' out with you guys! =)

  2. Oh my gosh, the ukulele is freaking hillarious. Maybe I should take that up next. I was a hard core wanna-be in my defense... (then again, I am a fabulous wanna-be in most areas of my life). I even took a class for a quarter at Cal Poly! It bit. Way better to have someone patient teach you. It did, however, pay off... I landed my hubbie with my talent. ha!

  3. I am loving your new found talent with the guitar, but what about the recorder? You need to be able to play a "We Three Kings" duet with Jess! (With style of course)

  4. Hey, Lins, I was just gonna mention my raw talent. Don't forget, I can also play "Bicycle Built For Two." Quite soulfully, I might add. I can even close my eyes and sway a little.

    Davi, it has been my goal to learn guitar just like you. You and your chicas are rockin the house!

  5. the picture of Lorie drowning her sorrows is too cute. :)

  6. I took a music class in college where we had to play the recorder. I would lock myself in the bathroom to practice because Larry made so much fun of me. We lived in teeny tiny apartments so I knew the whole building could hear me too. It was always hard for me to practice because I was laughing so hard at myself. But now I see it paying off....I think there may be a spot for me in this rocker chick band!