February 12, 2008

my version of the blue door

Yesterday, I awoke to this little email.

"soo, what are we going to do today??"

Followed by a whirlwind morning of me gobbling breakfast, throwing on clothes and make-up and packing a lunch for Ollie and I. John agreed to keep munchkins 1 & 2, and I headed out the door with #3.

I'll call it a spurt of the moment photoshoot with Lorie Beth and Ellie.
So, I'm standing there with my wee little digital elph, with Lorie and Ellie busting out their big guns...Canon D 1000's or something. And they're talking all professional. Stuff like "set it at 2.5". I have so much to learn, it's not even funny. And then Lorie glanced at me, with my little point-and-shoot and said "Oh how cute. You brought your camera too!"

Yes, I did feel cute. Adorable I tell you.

And she smiled encouragingly and said, "I love it, you've got to start somewhere!"

Too true, too true.

So we horsed around for a bit, like we always do. I took a few amateur shots of these *professionals* doing their thing.

Then I tried to sneak in a few of my shots. Lorie and her fabulous new camera strap.

Ellie and the bambinos.

We had fun playing with the fisheye and if you care to see any of those shots, change the channel to Lorie's station .

p.s. Hey Lorie, if Plan A fails, we can always move to Plan B:

This bag has someone's name written all over it.

One of Petunia's newest diaper bags in the "glazed canvas" collection. In person, it is absolutely breathtaking. And so water-proof. Muy bonita!

p.s.s. I'm convinced that their is a little gnome that does all the spell checking...and this gnome went on strike with the Hollywood writers. Come back little gnome. We desperately need you in blogland!


  1. yes yes sooo ellie.

    she's going to stop hanging out with us if we're not careful.

    i love you davi. have i told you that lately? cause i do.

  2. im soooo sad i missed this fun fun shoot! signing papers took up until i had to go to work! but it was worth it cos we got a beautiful new car!
    can we do a fun shoot sometime soon? i would love great shots together with the cuties!

  3. Ah Lor--te amor tambien! SMOOCH!

    And Gretl...congrats on the car! We can always shoot again sometime--hopeflly not on my elph:)

  4. I only have my little point and shoot, too, and it does pretty good. I'll leave the "big guns" to the pros...of course, Lori always gets those cool angles that I wouldn't even think about, but they look SO cool!