February 2, 2008

It's on the House!

John got an extra side job teaching at CSUN on monday nights. Since I was stuck at home all night, Lorie and Ellie were kind enough to keep me company. I decided to make a knock-off of my favorite Starbucks iced coffe mocha slush...or whatever they call it. I always have to explain it to them in great detail, lest they botch my exquisite $3.50 order.

I got out my blender and filled it 3/4 of the way with coffee and some ice, with Ellie and Lorie scoffing my apparent ignorance. I guess my coffee ratio was disproportionately high, and so they made me dump most of it out. I had no clue that blended drinks had only a few shots of coffee. I then added coffeemate creamer and lots of hershey's syrup, with Lorie egging me on to put in vanilla ice cream. Lots of it. At one point, Ellie handed me a brownie to throw in and it actually gave it a nice speckly gourmet appearance. Add some whip cream and voila!
Did I mention the mocking of Lorie and Ellie the whole time?

It came out surprisingly good. Ellie said so.
As if this mocha concoction did not have quite enough calories:
only the finest for my customers
We stayed up till midnight and I never ever wanted them to leave. The next morning I think we were all positively ill. Perhaps a curfew is in order?
Next time you are at hotel Davi, order the mocha slush--I won't even charge you $3.50. It's on the house! And I will try not to keep you up so late:)


  1. im sad i missed this! i think i will definitely order that next time im at hotel davi!

  2. don't believe her, every time ellie and i tried to leave she kept saying "tell me 2 more things about yourself" or something.

    that mocha blended concoction was surprisingly amazing.

    love you girl. can't wait till next week.

  3. that's what I meant silly!I could have kept ya'll overnight in my pocket:)

  4. Oh I miss our time together Davi! I am up for one of these drinks anytime. And, I love the idea of midnight. How about tomorrow?

  5. Why can't I live closer! Your drink looks positively yummy, and I am going to make one tonight minus the brownie because I don't have any.

    LOL about the "tell me two more things about yorself". When we talk on the phone she always has to tell me "two more interesting things" before we hang up. :)

    I am the most blessed girl in the world to have such great sisters.

  6. Ahh! Lorie was trying to warn my future customers--I'm a little slow! As my dad says about himself, "I may not be any good, but at least I'm slow". That's ok if I go out of business. I'm a terrible salesperson anyway!

    Jess you are so sweet. I'm the luckiest sister in the world too!

    Coco-I'm amazed at your business capabilities. Come in your jammies and slippers. I'll leave the light on:)

  7. So you girls are keeping girl's night alive...so fun! Like a slumber party without the slumber. I'd love to try one of Hotel Davi's specials sometime :)