February 20, 2008

dueling ghetto drum sets

Vrooom...Knock Knock... Sign Here__________ ... Vrooom...and away the brown truck went, leaving behind some very special boxes.

These boxes were delivered to John's parents house, begging to be opened. But, Finn still had $15 to go. People were like "for crying out loud, let me give Finn the rest of the money already" but John was being all strict and said NO.
John's mom set up a "recycle for drums" box at her work too. His dad even set up a jellybelly-for-spare-change dish at his place of employment. I think they REALLY want the drums out of their garage, no? In the meanwhile, the practice sessions at home are becoming more and more militant. I try to clean up their make-shift sets at night, stuffing them into their toy box and the armoir.

Then, I awake to this remarkably SAME setup every morning. It's pretty amazing how this little set seamlessly and purposefully pops back together after mass demolition the night before.

Exorbitant amounts of duct tape sacrificed for the cause.
( note wee baby off to the corner)
One morning they started paractice at 6:15 a.m. and I had to call the cops daddy on them for disturbing the peace.
Last night, Finn finished raising the rest of the money. He did it! This afternoon when I asked him to clear his lunch dishes off the table, he said, " I don't need to do my chores anymore -- I already have enough money for my drums". Oh boy, we had to have a little chat about that.

Tomorrow, John is going to set up Finn's new drum set. I'm feeling rather nostalgic about the end of this era, so I thought I'd better document their little dueling ghetto drum sets together one last time. *caution:lower volume if you are at work*

jamming with Tommy

counting with Tommy
The next time I post, there will be a big black monster of a drumset in my house. I will let you know how I feel about that. So far, I feel a sense of impending doom:)


  1. That was SO cute! You had my totally laughing out loud! They are TOO cute! That will be some treasured footage for years to come! =0)

  2. I can sympathize with your "impending doom", but I can't wait to see what your boys can do with a real drum set!! =)

  3. Oh, my goodness, I love that counting footage! Finny knows exactly what to do-it's almost like he's seen the video a hundred times before! Gee Gee is just adorable, and Ollie too. What was Gee Gee saying at the end?

  4. Jess--Tommy said "Now high hat with the snare" amd Calvin was repeating saying "now high hat snare!!"

    they were referring to the high hat cymbal and the snare drum.

  5. im so glad you posted video!! love it.

  6. We all got a wonderful kick out of the videos. Eli says "Finn is so cool, i think he is the coolest with drums i have ever seen"

    And Calvin - oh so cute. Just like his brother.