February 10, 2008

Age Limit 4

While getting my hair done 2 weeks ago, a mom and her 3 boys were getting their hair cut. Mark looked over at me and said, "That's gonna be you in a few years". So, this mom and I got to talking and I learned that her boys all love soccer. One of her sons came over and told me the exact AYSO division # Finn would be in. I googled it and registration is now, for this coming fall. I think Finn would love playing and would look so darling in a soccer uniform, but starting in the dead heat of August? I'm not so sure. I asked Finn if he would like to play soccer with all the other kids and he said "Yah, sure. I could bring my drums out on the field and everyone else could bring their instruments..." I'm not entirely sure he heard me.

I decided to go for it anyway. To register, you need a copy of their birth certificate. I searched everywhere, but could only find the commemorative birth certificate they give you at the hospital. Finn is only 4 and I'm already falling behind on the paperwork. All this organized activity is making my head spin. I walked onto the soccer field with a copy of Finn's fake birth certificate, and I felt like I was 5 years old again--like they were going to say "no, go home". Of course when I got there, they barely glanced at the certificate and were pretty nice folks. So, AYSO, here we come!

In the meanwhile, I have been trying to teach the boys soccer in our backyard. Omigoodness. Now I know why they have a 4-year-old age limit. Our sessions go something like this:

  • Finn dribbles the ball and starts heading toward the goal.
  • I say "Calvin, it's your turn, get the ball!"
  • Calvin grabs the ball with his hands and cries hysterically if Finn comes near him.
  • Coach Davi shouts to Calvin to kick the ball.
  • Calvin kicks the ball and Finn goes for it.
  • Calvin cries hysterically, "Finn is grabbing the ball...Waaaaaaa" and so on.

Our neighbors probably think we are a train wreck. I finally realized that Calvin was too young to grasp the concept of competetive sports, and I came up with a solution.

2 balls, duh:)

gotta love our fancy pvc-pipe goal, compliments of John

Can you see it now? Finn's soccer pose?

(minus rainboots and volleyball)

If you want to come over and play with us, it's BYOB(bring your own ball, of course).


  1. I'm cracking up at the beanie hats, rainboots, and volleyball. That's so how we do things around here sometimes. =0) Is it REALLY that cold out? Your grass is green, it can't be that cold out. It finally got up to 45 degrees here so my kids are out playing in our backyard basking in the sun. hee hee.

  2. Lol, I love that Finn wants to bring his drum set to play soccer. The back yard is looking lovely-- I have not seen it with all the stone work done. Its been too long since I have been out there.

  3. Oh, that's so funny! I wish he could bring his drums to the soccer field! John's pvc goal is very impressive! Did he really make it himself? If so, I'm guessing he's on board with the soccer idea!

  4. Oh please let him take the official AYSO photo in the boots AND with a drum under one arm! I love it!

  5. Davi, the soccer mom...I like it!

    Yeah, they definitely have an age limit for a reason! I don't agree with the dress code though. I think Finn should be able to wear his boots because he looks too darn cute with them :)

  6. J-It's probably not that cold out, but the Jewish mom in me has to excessiviely bundle her kids

    Lin-please come for a visit!!!!

    Jess-John made the goal himself and after Finn made his comment about bringing the drums on the field, John thinks it's necessary for Finn to see that life exists beyond the world of drumming.

    Barbie- Me a soccor mom? With my inability to participate in organized activity lately, I'm not so sure I am very deserving of such a fancy title! More like the anti-soccor mom:)

  7. ohhhhhhh davi he is such a musician already, i love it so much! i think soon mike and lijah and i should come play.
    also, you guys need to come over again cos i cant believe we didnt make cotton candy last time! we will make a cotton candy date!

  8. cotton candy date? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhh!!!! I;m hypervenitlating with excitement, I can hardly type!!!!!!

  9. This year was Ella's first year of soccer! It was so cute and you learn so much about their personalities!