February 18, 2008

Sam I Am

My friend Christie has this adorable little baby named Sam who has the most incredible hair.
She always does it so cute and my favorite is his casual punk style, which he sported to church yesterday--it's half mohawk, half mop. Ollie has been working very hard growing hair and last night when he awoke for a midnight feeding, I noticed a strip of hair on top getting a little thicker. Almost thick enough for a Sammy-style hair do.

Sam I Am

Look at my 2 teeth!

© is for copycat

I am totally unashamed of my blatent attempt to swipe Sam's hair style. Mostly because we weren't even close! Instead, Ollie looked like a little chickie that just hatched. I think I will leave the baby punk to Sam&Christie, and stick to what I know best:
mop tops

Oh and by the way, my little chickie is starting to get to his knees in the rocking motion. He is going to be a happy camper soon, when he can crawl all over and get into all the boys' drum stuff.

The not-so-happy camper in the meanwhile:)


  1. My gosh, Ollie is so stinkin' gorgeous! He really cooperates for the camera well smiling like that and sitting still. Hee hee, when he starts crawling I imagine Finn is going to be very nervous trying to protect his drums. : )

    Oh, I like Ollie's wee-hawk! Very cute.

  2. he is SO cute, Davi! And by the way, I love the mop-top look on your boys. They all have lovely locks. :)
    Annabelle, my littlest, is FINALLY, at two years old, getting a head of hair. It is barely long enough on top for a little Pebbles-like pony-tail, and there are some delicious blond curls forming in the back. Growing hair definitely takes time, but it looks like your Ollie is well on his way with his little mohawk!

  3. So cute! Sam does have quite a bit more hair than Ollie, but the style suits them both well.

    Ollie's rosie cheeks are to die for!

  4. Ollie is so cute! Is he happier now that his teeth have poked through? Joshy still doesn't have any teeth, but he's been so crabby recently. Oye! I can't wait for one to poke through so that he's being crabby for a reason...

  5. Those are amazing pics of Ollie! He's the most handsome little thing! And I love the 'do. I mourned when Ansley lost her fuzz-hawk.

  6. ok these are my favorite pictures ive seen of ollie- sooooo adorable i want to squeeze his cheeks!
    sam is a beuaitul child with amazing hair. im pretty sure all the boys watch his dark head in amazement. i know lijah does anyways. i DID miss you guys yesterday. we had a wonderful time together at the beach and it was very needed for us. but i still wish it would have worked out to do both. any plans for another time this week? i have NO clients this week (yikes!) so let me know if something works out for you- im free.

  7. Oh, only if Sam could share some hair with our little baldies!

    Ollie is a doll and not one more wisp of hair could make him any cuter!

  8. oh yes, I think our mornings were VERY similar! Mine have colds too actually... it definitely makes for some cranky kids.
    Well, I hope your ear canals got a much needed break as the day went on, and here's hoping tomorrow is MUCH better!!