February 3, 2008

like tommy

Remember Tommy, the virtual drum instructor from a few posts ago? Little did I know what an impression he would make on my little boys. Finn intently studies his every move. Since Tommy wears jeans and a t-shirt, Finn now wants to wear jeans and a t-shirt(mind you me, it used to be a fight to get Finn to wear pants). No detail in the DVD is lost on Finn, down to the black background and the spotlights. Finn turned off all the lights in the house and convinced me to hang a flashlight from the armoir. Somehow, my guitar buddy Calvin has also been swept away by the world of drummers(how did I not see that coming?). Tommy wears a watch therefore Finn and Calvin made some watches.

Tommy wears a bracelet, hence Calvin wears a bracelet.

Tommy's drum pedal

Calvin raids the kitchen for his drum pedal

Tommy's drum brush(I've never heard of a drum brush either)

Finn's drum brush(also from a kitchen raid)

I went shopping at the mall the other day and the salesman was showing me a little shirt that had an authentic fender guitar pick on it, and we got to talking about instruments. Turns out he's a drummer, with lots of beautiful, colorful tatoos. I'm glad the boys weren't with me. Knowing how impressionable they are right now, they would quickly be drawing tatoos on each other with permanent markers and pens. I bet you Calvin's would be a bright yellow sunshine smiley face. I can just see it now, the two of them with their tatoos, walking their little stuffed kitties down the street.


  1. we are always amazed at your boys creativity! i especially love the watches and the cool kick pedal that actually should kinda work. i have a video on hand drumming that im thinking i will put on and let them use some djembe drums when you guys are over here. do you think theyd like that? its at a beginners level.

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  3. Talia--a good christian girl like you? Yah, I don't feel too scared:)

  4. on second thought, using the word "kidnap" when you don't ACTUALLY know me probably wasn't the best idea-- pardon me, I don't always think before I type. So I hope you- and your wonderful older sister- knew what I meant... which is simply that I am quite delighted by you and your little family, even though I only know you in blog-land. :)

  5. Talia-my sis and I had a good laugh over the phone today about this!You are a doll and your little family is as precious as can be!

  6. Hey Talia, Davi's sister here! Yes, I am quite paranoid about my sister and her boys and once even made her remove a picture of Finny that I deemed unkosher. But I knew what you meant about her boys, I absolutey want to take them home with me too!

    I checked out your blog-I love that wallpaper! One day, maybe I'll be saavy enough to figure out how to make a custom template. Your children are beautiful!

  7. If he hasn't saved enough pennies for that darn drum set, I'll give him the rest! I have never seen a kid so in to something in my life! Now the question is...can mom handle the noise that the real thing makes? The spatula in the drawer when you go to get it might be a nice change too! HAHAHAH! Coffee this week?

  8. Okay, I can never keep up with commenting because you are so dang good at updating this thing.

    1. Your hair looks amazing!
    2. Why are your boys geniuses? I
    love love love seeing how
    amazingly inventive they are.
    3. Sorry your guitar groopie left
    you. I will have to come over
    and rock out with you. I was a
    wanna-be in college. I can
    still play a bit. It's amazing
    how many Christian songs you can
    play with 3 or 4 cords. Haha!
    4. And on that note, I had the same
    "issues" with Ryan teaching me
    guitar. It did not bode well
    for our marriage. :)