February 6, 2008

beanie babies

I see pictures of beautiful winter wonderlands on some of your blogs, and sometimes I feel a little wishful. Then I come to my senses, remembering that I have the wimpiest thermostat ever. In the summer, I prefer my house to be at 78.5 degrees(78 is too cold, 79 too hot). In the winter, I'm good if my house is 73 or so. The other day we were playing outside and it actually felt downright chilly. Could this be winter? When I checked the thermostat, it read a whopping 52 degrees, in the shade. Well, I decided we could at least bundle up and pretend that it was winter, with beanies for all to enjoy.
me and my beanie babies
me and beanie baby #3
And yes, that is my snowboarding jacket I'm wearing. Perhaps I'm a little more wishful than I had thought. John has a little snow trip in the works, and perhaps that will be just what I need.


  1. Davi, I never knew what I was missing until I left CA and moved East. I was so afraid of the snow, but now I LOVE it. I LOVE having 4 seasons, and seeing leaves change colors, and having a true spring - not just leaping into summer. And I have to tell ya, I don't miss the fog one iota!

    Of course, I'm ready for spring already this year...but at least I know it's coming! =)

  2. It is amazing how fast you acclimate to the cold. Just the other day we found ourselves refering to 35 degree weather as warm and went out without our jackets!

  3. you guys are beautiful in your beanies. the coloring or something is so pretty.
    ollies eyes are awesome in the second picture.

  4. Come out here and you can have all the snow you want :)

  5. Thats pretty much how I have been dressing inside my house lately! I am such a wimp!

  6. Oh Davi, I am so with you!! I hate being cold more than anything else in the world! Bakersfield is just fine for me!