February 16, 2008

the mini mac

In our undergraduate days, John and I were both Mac users. Then somewhere along the way, John bought a PC, because they were more affordable. But I remained loyal for many years to my Macs, mainly because that's what my boss bought for me. And plus, they were prettier. I eventually caved and started using John's PC. However, just 2 weeks ago, John ordered this shiny white pearl of a macbook. He donated his old gray del laptop to me, which he spilled OJ on and now the "u" doesn't work. I'm happy enough with it, but I don't think Finn is too impressed by it. He's much more smitten by John's new shiny white macbook.
the Paper Thin Mini Mac®
A Finn exclusive.
It's skinny enough to fit in even the smallest child's backpack. Isn't it cute?
Just like daddy's
This picture sooo reminds me of John....

and my dad, with the pencil behind his ear.
I tried to get Finn to smile, but he was much too serious and had far too much work to do to play silly games with me and my camera.

clicketey clack clack clack.


  1. That's SO cute! Mac lovers here too. Our kids have all the mac commercials memorized from mac.com. Their dad has indoctrinated them about macs already.

  2. Your kiddos are SO creative! I love it!

  3. Finn is so creative, tell me when he starts his first business, I want to be an investor!

  4. Adorable! He's so intelligent, and just like his daddy and his grandpa.

  5. I swear that kid is going to be a creative genious...well, actually he already is! CUTE!

  6. Hi Davi! I am coming out of hiding for just a moment (well, mostly it's because I have a rare non-nursing moment at the computer, LOL!). Finn is too cute and I love his laptop! We are a Mac family too, and we've had many paper laptops here as well. Elijah (my 8.5 year old) developed a love of Macs very early thanks to Jeremy and my dad - his first word after "Mama" and "Daddy" was "apple" in honor of the Mac logo. Jeremy was so proud, and so was my dad. ;-P

    Your little guys are so creative and adorable - I love reading your blog while I'm nursing Elise, and seeing their latest adventures. :)

    Laina (Jessica's friend)

  7. Oh! The pencil behind the ear is so Dad-- love it! I see a toy computer in Finn's future.

  8. Hi Laina!
    Thanks for popping in! Jess says she keeps bugging you to do a blog...if you do, let me know--I would love to see your kids!

  9. he is so smart with his serious face and pen behind his ear! thank you for being so good at documenting these things, they are so fun to read. as always he is adorable and so creative!
    thanks so much for the onesie- i cant wait for the dr Seuss shoot with all the boys!

  10. I wish I contained even an ounce of the creativity that swirls around your house!