February 13, 2008


Ever since Finn drew me his very first flower, he has been smuggling me flowers every chance he gets.
And drawing me flowers every chance he gets. He handed me this drawing the other day and explained that the one on the left was his practice flower and that the one on the right was the real thing.

And this drawing I found taped onto my bathroom cabinet:
He said, "the blue things are the woots(roots) and those green triangles are thoweens(thorns) so that you know them are roses".
I definitley think all his practicing is paying off. Unlike his first flower attempt, these are recognized by even the most casual observer as actual flowers. He seems to think that all of the world's problems can be erased by giving me flowers. If we had a rough day of disobeying, Finn tells me he will give me flowers. I don't know where he gets this from, because John rarely brings me flowers as a gift. I tell John it's a waste of money, and to just give me a bouquet of cash instead--I am hopelessly romantic:)
I will take this little hand-picked flower as a gift though.
(or any hand-picked flower for that matter!)


  1. Hey D, I like that my ancient old bike made it into your blog!! Its right behind you and Finn in the first shot. Hee hee, cute that Finn brings you flowers after he has been in trouble. It must just be something that boys instinctively know!

  2. oh, that is so sweet!!
    Between reading about your wonderful boys and seeing cute pictures and videos of Lorie's Henry, I want a boy so badly I think I might explode. :)

  3. Oh, he's so cute! I especially love the "practice flowers". And the "thoweens". How else would a girl know they were roses?

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