February 14, 2008

Tag, You're It!

I was digging through my hope chest, trying to convince myself I wasn't completely devoid of sentiment (my last post said gimme $, not flowers). I had to laugh when I came across this index card John gave me our 1st Christmas:
I guess some things never change:)
However, I did feel much better when I came across these lovely flowers John painted for me when we were first dating.
He had picked the brightest yellow flowers from the side of the road,
on his way back from Hume.

Then, as I rooted through my box of souveneirs, I came across a bunch of loot from our early days of college. I'm not too sure who started it, but we played a game of tag that lasted over a year. John's very 1st tag was a banner over my college dorm door that read "Tag You're It". I think my response was this pitiful little note I slipped into his chem lab drawer.

It started out simple, but grew a little more elaborate as we tagged each other back and forth. Here are a few of the "tags" I made. In case you get confused, I was the "weird cat" (or girl in triangle dress) and John was the "tom cat".

sock/crocheted tom cat, that I tagged John with.

I was terrible at crocheting--my scarves always twisted and curled, like this cat's tail.

I made the necklace and wood-burned-sign at Hume the summer we worked there together. Here are a few of John's handiworks.

paper dolls and cats

landyards he made at Hume--the girl is supposed to be me:)

John's most elaborate tag involved this lamenated bound book.

I also found a box of old Valentine goods that we made. My boys had a hay-day playing around with all our stuff.
cards from my pre-scrapping era and a heart from my pre-sewing era

I also found reminents from a complicated scavenger hunt John engineered for our 1st Valentines Day.
clues everywhere

an entire box of Valentine's cards to spur me on each step of the way.

The scavenger hunt ended in Smith Hall with a spaghetti dinner with roomate Andre serving us in a tux.

So John, if you're reading this, Happy Valentines Day and
TAG, YOU'RE IT!!!!!!


  1. I love this post! I love that John knew about "Bree Hee Hinney Brinney Hoey Hah!" Thats who Bree is named after of course. So cute that he painted you flowers too. Finn is taking after Daddy. You guys had quite the skills with tag-- very cool that you kept it. I'm glad you posted it!

  2. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen! You guys are so creative! I love how the tags got more involved and creative as time went on.

    And I agree w/ you on the flowers bit...I'd rather have the cash than the store bought expensive flowers. =)

  3. what a neat little story. That is so fun. Now I know why your boys are so creative-- you and your husband are exactly the same way, obviously!

  4. Great story! I think that you're a romantic at heart.

  5. How cute are you two?! ...and creative...so FUN!
    Justin and I used to leave notes on eachother's cars. Occasionally I'll still drop by his school and leave a little note. Such a fun way to say I love you!

  6. Did John really paint those flowers? Picasso has nothing on him!!! I think he's missed his calling!

    I forgot all about that wonderful book he made you! That was very special. And I have a vague memory of helping you make a pillow with a felt girl and boy-or was it a blanket? Is that still around?

    Happy Valentines Day, sister!

  7. This is hilarious! Love the old pics too! You look hot...No wonder he fell for you!!