February 20, 2008

cake day

The last few days have been a hectic kind of fun. It all started with my mom coming up for a visit.
She couldn't get over the fact that Finn and Calvin could literally sit and drum studiously for hours on end with Tommy. What a good Grandma she is, listening to them drum and encouraging them. We had fun shopping at my favorite local kids store, with a reluctant Finn in tow. I returned some stuff and used my store credit for this unexpected purchase.

a cake clutch.

I had no intention of buying a purse that day, but it was the most peculiar bargain. It had a slight blue blemish, so they sold it 50% off, for $33. However my sister Jessica says it actually retails at around $105. I have not bought a purse for myself since my plastic barbie-pink purse in high school!! Jessica likes to see a picture of a person holding a purse, to make sure the scale is correct. So, here is a picture of me carrying it.
So Jess, is it to scale? I have no idea of such things since I'm no purse connoisseur.

This handy little clutch is made for moms of tots(love the word tots for our munchkins!) It comes with the following features.

plastic wipes case

canvas changing pad

even has a coin purse
However, it's also meant for the evening out. So, I took this little number for a little test drive out to Starbucks with some of the girls. I walked in the door and laughed when I saw that Lorie, Ellie and I were all wearing yellow shirts.

I guess I was not the first person to spot this purse. Christie almost bought it friday, but passed it up cuz she's practicing being fiscally responsible. Good job Christie! Lorie eyed it, but consoled herself with the fact that it did not have better handles.

After coffee some of us went shopping at Target. Soon it was just down to the 3 of us in yellow shirts, roaming the aisles like clones. Ellie and I tried on some fantastic brown pants but thankfully they were too long--we did not want to fork over the dough! Lorie was trying on a bathing suit, complaining about the fit, but Ellie told her she looked so cute like a mermaid. You're always cute to us Lor! To top off all this fun, when I picked up the boys at my MIL's house, they had picked me the loveliest flowers. My MIL has the green thumb--the only flowers at my house come with weeds attached.


  1. i LOVE the clutch! cake is such a great line. i think its perfectly to scale.

  2. Very cute bag! Bet it looks cute with yellow too :)

    I am cracking up that you went shopping and was happy that the pants you tried didn't fit. I totally did the same thing yesterday- saw some cute pants at Banana Republic on sale that would have been good for work and was happy that they fit weird so I didn't have to buy them.

  3. your new purse is so pretty! How neat that it come with the mommy stuff. I would have to say it looks like it suits you perfectly.
    I also must say that yellow looks beautiful on you.
    I'm curious what children's shop you are referring to? I am so out of the boutique scene here in Bako-- I need to get with it!

  4. Davi, that purse is wonderfully, completely, perfectly to scale. I am saving my birthday money for one. It's a beauty!